Services with a company in Slovenia/EU

Services with a company in Slovenia EU

Services with a company in Slovenia

Services with a company in Slovenia – are you thinking of starting your own business in Slovenia, and you want to know what forms of business you can open and what activities you can do? Do you plan to do business in Europe? Open a company in Slovenia! In this article we answer your questions. Slovenia is a very popular country for business, because the minimum wage in Slovenia has increased this year.

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Services with a company in Slovenia – LTD

How can you set up a business? A limited liability company (LTD) is the most common type of company people open in Slovenia. To open it, you need to deposit share capital. The minimum amount is 7,500 EUR and the company owners deposit it. In case the company has more than one owner, it can be divided between them. In addition to the share capital, you need to get Slovenians tax numbers for all owners and directors. Your company also needs a business address in Slovenia. We suggest that experts help you in the setup. For more information contact our legal advisors.

But how can you open a web shop in Slovenia/EU?

Services with a company in Slovenia – register the business activities

Every company should have a main activity. In addition to it, the company may perform other activities. But you have to also include them in the company’s founding act. The founding act of the company must state the main activity of the company. It is the one which you plan to do the most and expect the highest income from it. In addition to this, the founding act must list all other services that the company will do. Your company can carry them out if it meets the conditions for the specific activity. Sometimes you would need licenses or permits for it. But most you can carry out without them.

Unlike the LTD, a branch may, on the other hand, do only the activities that are registered in the parent company. For more data on business setup in Slovenia, visit our  Facebook  and Instagram. Every week we also host free webinars on business in Slovenia.

Use our free salary calculator to also learn about the wage in Slovenia/EU

Do business in EU with your Slovenian company!

Do you also want to work in other EU countries? A Slovenian company can provide services and perform works in the EU. But there are also some rules you have to follow. Before you can send workers to work in the EU, the company needs to be at least 2 months old. And the worker who is sent should be registered in the social insurance in Slovenia for at least 30 days. Finally, the workers can be sent to work in the EU via A1 forms.


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