Selling products in stalls on holiday fairs in Slovenia

Selling products in stalls on holiday fairs in Slovenia

Even though Christmas has passed, holiday fairs are still open and attract locals and foreigners to buy local products. Most holiday fairs enable selling products in stalls. Those are short-term objects that are located on the place of the holiday fair. As they are quite a lucrative way to sell your products to a wide variety of people, also many foreigners decide to start their business in Europe also in order to participate in these holiday fairs. There are certain conditions you would have to abide by when selling your products in stalls, which we have summarized in this article.

Are you considering company registration in Slovenia?

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Data d.o.o. has been offering assistance in starting a business in Slovenia for over 28 years. In addition to company registration, we also provide professional accounting services. Our legal department can also make sure that you abide by the Slovenian legislation when participating in holiday fairs and selling your products in stalls.

Register the appropriate business activity

When selling your products on stalls, it is vital that you register a company in Slovenia. Non-EU citizens can register an LTD company with 7500€ share capital. When registering the company, you need to also register the appropriate business activity connected to selling on fairs in stalls.

Those business activities include: Retail trading in stalls and fairs selling food products, beverages and tobacco products, Retail trading in stalls selling garments and footwear, and Retail trading in stalls with other products.

What other conditions do you have to fulfill when selling products on holiday fairs in stalls?

Holiday fairs are a good opportunity to sell items that make good holiday or birthday gifts. When selling your products in stalls, your stalls would need to abide by the minimal technical standards for the premises and equipment. Also, you would need to obtain consent from the owner of the space, where you would set up the stall. In case you participate in an organized fair, the organizer obtains this consent for all participants. In the stall, you would need to clearly state the product details and also the pricing of the products. For all sales you would need to issue invoices and bookkeep them according to Slovenian accounting standards.

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