Capital of the company in Slovenia/EU

Capital of the company in SloveniaEU

The initial capital of a limited liability company (d.o.o.) in Slovenia is one of the conditions for the registration of a LTD in Slovenia. People from all over the world can register it in Slovenia. The process is fast and requires the least documentation. What amount of capital of the company do you need in order to register the LTD?

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Capital of the company – Minimum amount for a LTD

The minimum capital of the company for an LTD in Slovenia is € 7,500. In case the company has more than one founder, you can divide the amount between them. You can deposit the capital in cash or by transfer from your personal bank account. The capital of the company can also come in form of assets. But in this case you must register it with a notary. After company registration, the funds can be used for the business expenses.

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Capital of the company – when do you need a larger amount?

The share capital is enough in the minimum amount for the most businesses. In the case of certain activities, you need to show a higher capital. For example, for a company for transport of goods or passengers. You must be licensed to do it. One of the grounds to obtain a license is proof of good financial standing. In case you do not buy vehicles, but you would rent them, the minimum capital of the company is € 9000 for the first vehicle and € 5000 for each one after that. To learn more on the transport license, you can contact our legal experts at

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Can you later change the amount of share capital?

If you later decide to increase your share capital, you can do so after the registration. To increase the capital of the company,  you need to go to a notary. If your share capital is at 7500€, you cannot lower it. The amount of the share capital that each owner contributes also gives them the right to the same percentage in the event of a dividend payment.

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