Transportation license in Slovenia – new conditions for acquisition

Transportation license in Slovenia – new conditions for acquisition

A transportation license is essential for companies in Slovenia that transport goods, passengers and for taxis. You can now obtain it under changed conditions. What are they?

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Transportation license in Slovenia: what are the conditions for obtaining it?

Your company can obtain a transportation license under these conditions:

  • have a good reputation,
  • a good financial status,
  • have a qualified person for the duties of a transport manager,
  • to own or rent at least one motor vehicle registered in Slovenia. If you are considering a purchase, check out how much the tax on motor vehicles will be,
  • have paid the taxes and social security contributions,
  • meet the conditions regarding the headquarters.

Changes regarding the business premises!

You can now obtain a transportation license in such a way that a company in the Republic of Slovenia must rent or own one business space.

  • The size of the premises is determined based on the number of vehicles owned by the transport company.
  • The company must have office hours in a visible place. They should last at least six hours a day.
  • In the premises, the company must keep personnel records and other business documentation. You must also keep the records with data on driving and rest times, and other documents related to these the conditions.

Transportation license: you need a transport manager to obtain it!

You can obtain a transportation license for companies operating in the EU if the company has a transport manager.

The competence is proven on a test of knowledge. It depends on which types of transport will be operated by the candidate. A proof of passing the test from another EU country is also valid in Slovenia.

  • The transport manager can be internal or external.
  • You can hire a transport manager in your company.
  • If you are a transport manager and more than 50% owner of the business, you do not have to be employed.

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