International transportation as a business in Slovenia

International transportation as a business in Slovenia

International transportation is a popular business activity in Slovenia and Europe. In a global community, like the EU, where there are no borders, transporting goods from one country to another is very important. Hence, many entrepreneurs decide to start a business for international transportation in Slovenia. It enables them to provide transport within the whole EU. In order to engage in international transportation, your company would require a license for international transportation. Since August 6th 2020, there are new conditions to obtain this license.

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License for international transportation – conditions to obtain it

In order to start a transportation business, you have to open a company. If you plan to engage in international transportation with trucks over 3.5 tons, your company would have to obtain a license. In this case, you have to start a limited liability company.

The license is subject to certain requirements. Thus, in order to obtain it, companies must meet the following conditions:

  • have a good reputation – impunity,
  • have an adequate financial position,
  • require to have a professionally qualified person performing the duties of a transport manager,
  • own or rent at least one motor vehicle registered in the Republic of Slovenia for an individual type of transport,
  • have paid tax liabilities and social security contributions,
  • meet the conditions regarding the registered office of the company (business premises, equipment, storage of documentation …).

All international transportation companies that have obtained the license before 6 August 2020 have to to comply with the new conditions by 23 November 2020 at the latest.

The new rules concern the fulfillment of the condition regarding the registered office of the company and the number of employed drivers and other employees in the company.

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Novelties for obtaining the license for international transport – business premises and amount of employees

Every transport company wishing to obtain or maintain a Community license must have at least one space of the appropriate size at the registered office of the company in the Republic of Slovenia. This business premises have to contain the documentation of the company and its employees. The company must also have the appropriate equipment in the business premises, namely basic communication equipment and office equipment. Also, the company has to visibly state business hours, at least 6 hours a day during the workdays.

There are also novelties regarding the number of employees which the international transportation company has to have. The number depends on the amount of trucks it owns. Also, companies that employ 5 to 10 drivers, have to have at least 1 person employed who is not a driver.

If a company with more than 5 trucks, at least 1 person has to be present on the business premises during the business hours. For companies with less than 5 trucks, either the transport manager or the representative of the company have to be telephonically available during business hours.

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