Transport manager in Slovenian companies – new conditions

Transport manager in Slovenian companies – new conditions

Due to the change in legislation for transport companies in Slovenia, there are new conditions for transport managers. A transport manager is an elemental part of obtaining a license for international transportation of goods. If you plan on starting your business in Europe and offer transportation services through your company in Slovenia, we are informing you what the novelties are regarding the transport manager.

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Reasons for changes in the legislation

In Slovenia, transportation companies are a very frequent choice of business activity. Recently, there has been a change in legislation related to issuing the license for international transport. The most important change is connected to the transport manager.

Slovenian legislation presented new conditions for these transport managers in order to prevent unfair trade practices of newly established companies.

Who is a transport manager?

A transport manager is a person with appropriate qualification to lead the transport activity and has a relation to the company. They handle the transportation, orders, transport plans and also manages the appropriate qualification of the drivers. A transport manager is not a specific profession and there is no formal education for their tasks. That person has to pass an exam for these qualifications. If they pass the exam, it means that they have appropriate qualifications. They would also receive a confirmation on passing the exam.

What were the conditions before and what changes with the new legislation bring?

Before the change, the transport manager could provide this service in several companies. If they provided their services based on contract of cooperation (external transport manager), they could be a transport manager in up to 4 companies that did not have more than 50 vehicles combined.

The new legislation foresees these changes for transport managers:

Internal transport manager

  • if the transport manager is at least 50% owner of the company, there are no limitations in regards to the number of companies or vehicles and they do not have to be employed full-time.
  • if the transport manager is employed with a transportation company, they have to be employed for full-time and can be transport manager only in one company. They need to provide contract of employment (full-time) and authorization of the director that they allow them to do the tasks.

External transport manager

If you engage an external transport manager, that person can provide this service only in one company. That company does not have more than 5 vehicles altogether. To prove this, they need to present a contract for unlimited time period along with authorization to provide transport manager services in the name of that particular company.

The changes in the legislation mean that a person, who offered these services in several companies, will now have to choose in which company they will remain a transport manager.

License for international transport of goods or passengers

The Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia has already issued new application forms for the license for international transport of goods or passengers. They are in accordance with these changes. For companies that will acquire the license for the first time, will already need to abide by these new conditions. For companies, which already obtained a license, will have to fulfill these new conditions within the first year since the law came into force. The timeline started to count on 23.11.2019.

In addition to these changes, there have also been changes regarding the business premises and the equipment for transport companies.

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