Sale of furniture and accessories as business activity in EU

Sale of furniture and accessories as business activity in Slovenia, Europe

Sale of furniture and accessories as business activity in EU

Are you looking for a business idea in Slovenia, EU? Sale of furniture and furniture accessories as the company’s business activity is recently a successful example of doing business on the territory of Slovenia and the European Union.

In Slovenia the demand for the custom-made manufacture of furniture market is growing, both among individuals and among customers such as hotels, restaurants, bars, etc. Customers are increasingly interested in a unique personalized design, quality and production of furniture based on their own wishes and preferences, while also the competitive prices play the important role.

Entrepreneurs and companies, who want to expand their business on the territory of Slovenia and enter the EU market, are increasingly choosing Slovenia. Because of strategic position of the country and its loyal tax system, you have all the necessary conditions for a successful business. Sale of furniture and accessories in Slovenia involves the delivery, which requires paying attention to the economic and geographical position.

There are no specific requirements and regulations on the sale and assembly of furniture products in Slovenia. All you need to do is to register a company in Slovenia and you can begin to carry out your activities.

Work and residence permit in Slovenia

If you will open an LTD company in Slovenia, you can obtain work and residence permit. Firstly, the company has to meet certain conditions to show active business. Then you can employ yourself or others in your company for full time.

It also should be mentioned, that, in Slovenia, you can open a subsidiary company or a branch office (representative office), so you can send some employees from the parent company to work in the Slovenian company. You do not need to fulfill any of the conditions. The official employment of the employee in the parent company for at least 6 months it is obligatory.

Our experienced referents can help you obtain the permits! As the documentation has to be in slovenian language, it is good to have someone to help you!

Sale of furniture and accessories in Slovenia can become a successful beginning of your business in the European market. The company “DATA” will gladly assist you with the registration and in the management of your business in Slovenia. Experienced specialists will support you at every stage of your business!

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