Annual leave

Annual leave

Annual leave – the employer has the right to define it

The employee can choose only one day of using annual leave or a week during school holidays, if the employee has children of school age, the remaining days included in the annual leave, the employer may determine.

The remaining days included in the annual leave shall be in accordance with the Employment Relations Act (ERA-1), agreed with the employer. The number of days included may be, in accordance with the law, established in the collective agreements or internal acts, but they must comply with drafting a law on labor relations.

Annual leave – as determined in law

By law, you can refuse planned annual leave in specified days, if the vacation as the law says, “seriously undermines the work process”.

The employer has therefore entirely right to determine the use of annual leave based on workflow, which means that it can be prescribed if, for example, workers have a collective annual leave or for the benefit of annual leave during a shortage of work.

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