Popular destination for business and tourism: Slovenia in Forbes magazine

Popular destination for business and tourism Slovenia in Forbes magazine

Another great feedback about Slovenia! Forbes magazine included Slovenia as one of the popular tourist destinations after the COVID-19 pandemic. Slovenia became one of the 7 countries which will be likely to become regional tourism forces. Both Slovenia’s beauty, culture, history, along with the success it had in quickly overcoming the pandemic have played a factor in Forbes including the country on the list. This also gives the opportunity to consider starting or expanding your business in Slovenia and take advantage of the influx of tourism which will head to Slovenia in the coming months, as it is becoming a popular destination for tourism and business.

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According to Forbes magazine, Slovenia will be one of seven popular tourist destinations after the pandemic

Forbes magazine posted a list of countries which are considered »overlooked gems« and will become popular tourist destinations after the pandemic. They presume that Slovenia has what it takes to becomes an important tourist force in the future. This is mostly due to unhinged nature, interesting history and attractive cultural experiences. Slovenia also offers good environment for business set-up and easy procedures to register a company here. This makes it also a popular business destination, especially in tourism and real estate sector.

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