Construction engineering in Slovenia – business idea

Construction engineering in the EU

Construction engineering – is atractive business idea in Slovenia and EU. You can register a company in Slovenia at our offices in Data free of charge.

Construction engineering in the EU with a company in Slovenia

If you already have a construction engineering company in your country and you are becoming very often projects in the EU, then it is certainly the best solution for you opening of new company or subsidiary in the EU. We suggest you to open a company in Slovenia. Why in Slovenia? Because we have favorable taxation system and excellent opportunities for foreigners.

What are your options for construction engineering in Slovenia with foreign company?

If you have a company in your country and you want to do construction engineering activites in Slovenia, you can open a branch office or a subsidiary. Branch office means that you have to do exclusively the same activity as your parent company. However, you can open LTD anytime.

LTD is a legal entity and that means that the owners respond with invested funds. The minimum initial capital is 7,500 euros. However, business conduct of branch office is responsibility of the parent company. Branch office is only a kind of representative office in Slovenia, and that is why the initial capital is not required for opening.

Our tax advisers and accountants will advise you on what form is better for you. Also we can consult you about the process and documents. We can obtain some documents by the power of attorney. Since you probably don’t know the slovenian legislation so well, we suggest you also legal consulting. We can also offer you a business address.

The construction of buildings in Slovenia – law

Construction engineering is a regulated activity in Slovenia as it is everywhere in other countries. The code in the Slovenian standard classification for construction engineering is 71.129. If you register this activity, you must as a contractor make sure to cooperate with a person who meets all the requirements in accordance with the Law (professional exam and is entered in a book of engineers in the engineering chamber).

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