Opening a branch office in Slovenia – EU

Opening a branch office in Slovenia, Europe

For opening a branch in Slovenia you don’t need 7.500 EUR of founding capital as you need it for opening new Private Limited Company. The difference between a branch office and LTD is that a branch is not independent legal person as LTD is. Because a branch office is connected to mother company in other country.

Branch office is defined as an office of a firm which is located somewhere other than the firm’s main office location. A branch office is simply another location, and is still involved in the business activities of the firm.

In Slovenia a branch office is called »podružnica«. And it is established at the notary. Our company and our legal consultants can help you to collect all the necessary documentation for opening a branch office in Slovenia.

What you need for opening a branch office?

For opening a branch office foreign company will need among other documents Slovenian tax number. If future director of a branch will be a foreign citizen. Also he/she will need Slovenian tax number. If non EU citizen will be director of the branch office. He/she need to obtain also work and residence permit in Slovenia to work and live here. Director of a branch office can obtain work permit for foreign representative.

A foreign EU or non – EU company may pursue an activity with a view to profit in the Republic of Slovenia through branches.

Opening a brach office and running business in Slovenia – how can we help?

We can help you to prepare documentation for opening a branch office in Slovenia and offer you all support services. Obtaining Slovenian tax numbers, reservation and support at the notary. When opening a branch we can offer you business address in Slovenia and acceptance of business mail, accounting services. Obtaining work permit and consultation regarding application for residence permit, arranging employment (contract of employment, application in insurance) etc.

For full support and help in establishing a branch office in Slovenia, you can contact us via phone: +386 1 6006 270, Viber/WhatsApp: +386 40 530 718 or e-mail: You can also follow us on Facebook.

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