Restaurants in Slovenia as a business opportunity

Restaurants in Slovenia as a business opportunity

Slovenia is a country with big gastronomic diversity. This is due to agricultural predisposition of the country, which offers quality local food products. Additionally, Slovenia also nurtured many renowned chefs, who brought the country on the gastronomic map worldwide. As the country gained recognition as a popular tourist destination, not only local cuisine but also foreign cuisine became more popular in Slovenia. If you are planning to open one or more restaurants in Europe, consider starting your business in Slovenia.

Are you considering company registration in Slovenia?

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In Data d.o.o., we have been supporting entrepreneurs with their business in Europe for more than 28 years. Our experienced team consists of accountants and legal advisors. They can explain to you what conditions restaurants have to fulfill to do the business activity in accordance to legislation. In our office, you can also perform company registrations as we are a licensed VEM point.

Conditions restaurants have to fulfill in accordance to the legislation

All restaurants in Slovenia have to abide by specific conditions after the company registration. They are mainly connected to the premises of the restaurant. The premises will have to abide by minimal technical standards and have to be appropriately labeled.  If your restaurant also has outdoor premises, you have to ensure that they abide by the minimal technical standards. You will also have to report the work schedule to the municipality and submit it for their approval.

The restaurant has to have a kitchen, dining and bar area and toilet for guests. It also has to include a dressing room and toilet for employees. In the scope of their services, restaurants have to offer a shortlist of warm and cold dishes for clients to choose from, as well as beverages of all sorts.

Restaurants have to provide a price list for their products and abide by the limitations for selling alcoholic beverages and tobacco products. Should the restaurants sell alcoholic beverages and tobacco, they need to obtain the appropriate license. Additionally, they need to ensure safety at work for employees and also have to abide by the HACCP standards to ensure food safety.

The first step is to open a company in Slovenia

Opening a restaurant has become a popular choice for business both by locals and foreigners. The recognition of Slovenian-based restaurants will also be increased due to the fact that the country will finally be included in the Michelin guidebook.

If you plan on having one or more restaurants in Slovenia, you would need a company through which you would provide these services. Non-EU citizens can open an LTD company with 7500€ share capital. Additionally, the shareholders and representatives need a Slovenian tax number already during the process of registration. When preparing the act of establishment, you need to include the appropriate business activities for restaurants. Already at this stage your company will need a business address. Data d.o.o. can support you in all these procedures from start to finish.

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