Act of establishment – contents, applying changes

Act of establishment – contents, applying changes

If you plan on starting a business in Europe, you can choose Slovenia as a company where you register your company. The procedure of LTD registration is very simple and straightforward, especially if you have the right guidance. At Data d.o.o. we can definitely offer support when preparing the company registration documents. The key document is the company’s act of establishment. It is a document which contains all the cornerstone information about your future company. But should you decide to make changes to it later in your business conduct, the procedure of making the change is also not too difficult.

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Consultants at Data d.o.o. have been offering full support to entrepreneurs for over 28 years. Our office is a licensed VEM point and we are authorized to carry out company registrations on-site. The consultants will prepare the act of establishment of your company and you can also later insert changes directly in our office. Our team of legal advisors will make sure that you include the right information into the act of establishment. They can also offer additional legal consultation as well as prepare documents and contracts for your company in order to do your business in Slovenia. Additionally, we also provide accounting services, tax consultation and services of virtual office.

Contents of the act of establishment

The act of establishment is a cornerstone documents for when you register an LTD company in Slovenia. It includes all the necessary information of your company in order for the Slovenian court to allow company registration. You can include initial information in the beginning but then you can also apply changes later.

The key details it will include are:

The shareholders sign the act of establishment at the licensed VEM point and after depositing the share capital, the court can issue a decree of company registration. Afterwards you can proceed to starting your business.

After company registration, you have changed your mind about certain elements. Where can you make the changes?

The act of establishment is a document which can be changed later on. If you later decide to make any changes to it, you can do so – but you can only make certain changes at the VEM point.

If you have registered your company at a VEM point, you can make changes to the act of establishment at the VEM point for these specific elements:

  • changing the representative of the company,
  • changing the business address (if the company will remain in the same municipality after the change),
  • adding or removing business activities,
  • changing the company name.

Should you decide to change ownership or the amount of share capital, you cannot do these changes at the VEM point. In those cases, you would need to visit the notary to add or remove shareholder or to increase or decrease the amount of share capital.

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