Ownership right to real estate for foreigners – what is new?

ownership right to real estate

Ownership right to real estate is not something every foreigner can get. At least not in Slovenia. But toghether with DATA you can find a way. Are you a foreigner? Can you buy a property? Given that it is in your interest, this article can help. Obviously not everyone can own real estate. But when can a foreigner own real estate? What are the conditions for purchase? One option is available to everyone. That is by opening a company in Slovenia. Let’s look at the latest law changes.

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Which foreigners can get the ownership right to real estate in Slovenia

Firstly, we need to take a look at the law. Where can we find the legislation that enables foreigners to own properties? In the Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia. Explicitly in the 68th Article. According to this legislation, 3 types of foreigners can get ownership right to real estate. Those are:

  • Foreigners that do not need a decision on determination of reciprocity.
  • Foreigners that need a determination of reciprocity.
  • Individuals that cannot own real estate. They can only get the right through inheritance. Even then, they need reciprocity.

Who can immigrate to Slovenia?

Which foreigners do not need a decision on determination of reciprocity?

Firstly, let’s look at who can get the ownership right to real estate:

  • EU citizens and legal entities.
  • Citizens and entities from OECD member states.
  • EEA citizens and legal entities.
  • People with Slovenian national status. They do not need Slovenian citizenship.
  • Legal heirs.
  • Foreigners from the former Republic of Yugoslavia. In case they met all the requirements for registration before December 31, 1990, but it was not realized.

Anyway, citizens of these countries need to obtain a Slovenian tax number and a personal identification number (EMŠO). Then they can purchase real estate in Slovenia. In case you need help obtaining a tax number, our experts can help.

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By the way, here at Data, we have a legal department for foreigners as well! Our experts can help you establish company in Slovenia. We also provide assistance with obtaining work and residency permits. If you need our service, you can call us on Viber or WhatsApp: +386 40 539 718 or email us at data@data.si. Don’t hesitate! We will be happy to help.

Ownership right to real estate and determination of reciprocity

Despite not meeting the mentioned conditions, some people can get the right to ownership of real estate. Only in certain cases. What are they? Firstly, citizens from countries that are candidates for EU can get the right as well. But only with a positive decision from the Ministry of Justice. Some of those countries are Serbia, North Macedonia, and Montenegro. The latest change happend this year. In 2023 the list got longer. New countries are part of it. Those are Albania, Ukraine, Moldova, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

What do citizens of these countries need to do? Let’s see! They have to submit an applicationto to the Ministry of Justice. The application determines whether reciprocity exists for the purchase of real estate in question. If reprocity is established, the foreigner gets a positive decision. They can then purchase real estate. Before that, they need to get their own EMŠO and tax number. As a matter of fact, Data experts can help you with that. Contact us and book an appointment. We will be happy to help.

Purchase real estate in Slovenia by opening a company

Is there another way?

Yes, there is. What if foreigners do not come from the mentioned countries? And if they are not an heir? In this case, they cannot own real estate as individuals. But they can get the ownership right to real estate another way. As an entity. What does that mean? In order to that they can open an LTD. Then they can buy real estate through the company. That is all. In this case, the owner of the property is a Slovenian entity. Rather than the business’ shareholder. But shareholders can live in it.

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Without a doubt, the experts here at Data d.o.o. can help. Are you thinking of buying real estate in Slovenia? Do you need help opening a business? Are you looking for legal advice? We offer accounting services and business consultations as well. You can contact us via e-mail data@data.si or call us on our Viber/WhatsApp number: +386 40 530 718. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook.

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