Credit P1 with 0,5% – 1% interest rate – measures in Slovenia

Credit P1 of the Slovenian Enterprise Fund (SPS) with the subsidy of the interest rate is now available as one of the measures to ease the effects of the coronavirus outbreak and help business in Slovenia. This will be an adjustment of the credit line P1 PLUS, which is one of the governments incentives to support the economy during this extraordinary time. What is credit P1? Also, do you know the conditions for application?

Data d.o.o. is supporting entrepreneurs with business in Europe through company registration in Slovenia. Additionally, we provide accounting services and legal consultation. Our legal department can also support you in preparing the application for the credit P1 to enable liquidity during the special circumstances caused by coronavirus outbreak.

Credit P1 – for which expenses can you use it?

If you receive the P1 credit, you can use it for following expenses:

  • financing operating assets:
    • such as expenses to buy material or merchandise,
    • expenses for provided services,
    • salary expenses.
  • investment allowances, which include:
    • material investments (such as buying new equipment, land, expenses of communal and infrastructural land fitting, construction and / or purchase of the facility),
    • immaterial investments, such as transferring technology in form of patented rights or licenses.

Terms of obtaining credit P1

Interest rate From 0,50 – 1,00% + 6-month EURIBOR
Amount of credit –        financing investment projects: up to 1,25 million EUR

–        financing operating assets: for micro and small companies up to 100.000 EUR, also for medium companies up to 200.000 EUR

Insurance In accordance with the credit contract (taking into account the SPS guarantee in the amount of 60 or 80%)
Moratorium –        up to 6 months for operating assets

–        up to 2 years of investment projects

Repayment period –        up to 5 years for operating expenses

–        up to 10 years for investment projects


General conditions when applying for credit P1

If you are a micro, small or medium company with a business seat in Slovenia, you can apply for the credit P1. Also Slovenian sole proprietorships and cooperatives can participate in the application. The company has to have at least one full-time employee that was already employed in the last month before submitting the application.

How much funds will be available?

The Slovenian Enterprise Fund will offer 79,2 million EUR of funds for the credit P1.

The legal department at Data d.o.o. has vast experience when preparing the applications for credits and loans. We can assist you in submitting the application as well as prepare the required documentation for you to be a contender at this tender and help you overcome this period of loss in revenue. We can also consult you on other measures that the government has foreseen in this time within its intervention act. For more information, you can write to our email You can also contact us over the phone 00386 1 6006 270 or 00386 40 530 718 (Viber, WhatsApp). Additionally,  follow us on Facebook.

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