Investment in property in Slovenia/EU through a company

Investment in property in Slovenia EU through a company

Investment in property in Slovenia/EU

Doing an investment in property in Slovenia is a great choice to do business in Europe. Do you want to invest in real estate in Europe? Lately, the interest in Slovenia has started to grow. The GDP in Slovenia and the average gross salary have increased this year. Business people from all around the world choose Slovenia to open a company. Often, they invest in real estate and other fixed assets of the company. They open a LTD or a branch office in Slovenia.

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Non-EU citizens and buying real estate  in Slovenia

Most non-EU citizens cannot buy real estate in Slovenia as a natural person . This means that the only option for investment in property in Slovenia is by opening a company. This is a good choice if you want to use the property for business purposes. For example, using it as your own office.

What real estate can you buy? A company can buy commercial and residential real estate. You can use the commercial real estate as the address of your company. Also, you can rent it to other companies that need office space.

You can also buy residential property. You can rent it to other people. This is a good investment option, because many people are looking for a bigger home. You can also rent your property to students studying in Slovenia. They are often locals from other cities, as well as foreigners from all around the world.

But how can you open a web shop in Slovenia/EU?

Investment in property in Slovenia and setting up a business

Investment in property in Slovenia is possible if you open a company here. Investing in Slovenia is not only a good business choice, but also opens the option of employing non-EU citizens. This way, you can get permits to live and work in Slovenia, both for you and your workers.

But what kind of company can you open? You can open a  LTD. DATA can help you get through the process. With us, the process is fast and quick. All you need is the share capital of 7,500 EUR and also the Slovenian tax numbers for owners and directors. Your company would also need  a business address. At DATA, we can obtain all these items for you.

Once the company is set up, you can make an investment in property in Slovenia. For more data on opening a business, visit our  Facebook  and Instagram. Also, every week we host free webinars on business in Slovenia. Apply now!

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