Representative office in Slovenia/EU: frequently asked questions

Representative office in Slovenia EU frequently asked questions

Representative office in Slovenia / EU

Representative office or a branch is an ideal option for all who want to do business in Slovenia. Do you plan to bring your goods and services to the territory of Slovenia and the EU?  By opening a representative office in Slovenia you can offer your services on the EU market. It can employ both the EU and foreign nationals by getting a residence and work permit. In this article, we focus more on the branch. But in addition to the branch in Slovenia, you can also open a LTD in Slovenia.

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Representative office in Slovenia – process of opening

You can open a representative office in Slovenia / EU if you have a LTD abroad. The notary does the registration. The experts at company DATA can do it for you based on your authorization. You do not need any initial capital to register it. The branch depends on the parent company, which means that it should do the same activities as the parent company. For more data and advice on business in Slovenia, contact our legal experts.

But how can you open a web shop in Slovenia/EU?

The documents that you need

To register a representative office in Slovenia, you need to get these documents:

  • decision of the parent company on the opening of a branch in Slovenia, which contains data on the name of the branch,
  • short name, address of the office, activities, name of the director,
  • excerpt from the register of the parent company
  • founding act of the parent company,
  • financial report for the last business year in short form.

Working abroad

How can you send your workers to work abroad? The branch can do business abroad and send workers to work in other EU countries. The worker needs an A1 form. You can get one when the branch has been registered for 2 months, and the worker who is being sent is registered for social insurance in Slovenia for 30 days.

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A representative office in Slovenia and getting a VAT number

Do you also plan to work in other EU countries? It is very important that after the registration, and due to business in the EU, you start the process of obtaining a VAT number for the branch. After the registration, we suggest that you submit a request for a VAT number. You need to know that you do not get a VAT number automatically when you open a company. In order to obtain a VAT number, you need to show written proof of active business in Slovenia. These proof is: the pro forma invoices, advance payments, contracts, letters of intent, and the like. The more proof you gather, the sooner you will get a VAT number.

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