Investment and business migration to Slovenia

Investment and business migration to Slovenia

Investment and business migration

Investment and business migration to Slovenia. What does that actually mean? This means that entrepreneurs can migrate to Slovenia on the basis of investments you have made. You can make an investment so that in Slovenia you register a new d.o.o. (ltd), daughter company or branch and invest in their fixed material assets. This type of investment is the most popular these days. Are you planning to start your own company in Slovenia?


If you want to register a company in Slovenia, therefore DATA can help you answer all your questions about what you need to start a company here. DATA is authorized by the government to register companies. Our advisors may offer you full support and register d.o.o. in our premises. Our accountants can offer accounting, tax and financial services in accordance with Slovenian accounting standards.

Investment and business migration to Slovenia- one of the conditions

A company in Slovenia can be registered by anybody. It is not a condition to be an EU citizen. You need a founding capital of 7,500€ and you can register your company in Slovenia. After that, you can request permission to stay and work if you show company’s active business conduct. These are the three conditions:

  1. INVEST A MINIMUM OF 50,000€ in the company’s assets
  2. EMPLOYMENT OF EU CITIZENS (at least one person with EU citizenship for 6 months full-time

If you fulfill one of the conditions above, you gain the right to request a unique permit to stay and work in Slovenia. Also you can hire a foreign citizen. Above all keep in mind that the investment is the fastest way to get your permit. In other words investment and business migration is the quickest way.


Examples of investments

Since investing in the company’s assets is one of the most popular choices of entrepreneurs for business migration to Slovenia but there are also other options. Of course it depends on what activity the company deals with. However most of all they choose to invest in real estate, purchase of official cars, official equipment, tools, machinery, etc. Investment and business migration to Slovenia is the fastest way to obtain a single permit for stay and work.


If you will engage in restaurant business, buying kitchen or dining equipment is one way to invest.  IT companies can invest in servers or computer equipment, while trading or import companies have the investment opportunity to buy warehouses. For example transport companies that provide international transportation  can purchase cargo trucks as an investment.

In the majority of business activity, buying commercial real estate, like property, can be an investment to fixed assets.

When doing the investment, it is important that you keep in mind that the accumulated sum of the items you buy is at least 50.000€. You also have to make the investment within the first 6 months from company registration.

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Are you wondering what are the most popular business activities in Slovenia? Apply for our free webinar where we will discuss this topic and the conditions for these businesses:

Starting a business in Slovenia offer great investment opportunities!

Do not miss the unique opportunity to learn about company registration and business immigration to Slovenia. DATA can offer you full support in the consultation and the company registration. Also, you can contact us for more information. Send us an email to You can also call us on +386 1 6006 270, Viber/Whatsapp +386 40 530 718. You can also check our facebook page : (20+) DATA ltd. | Facebook

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