Deficit occupations and employment in the EU

Deficit occupations and employment in the EU

Deficit occupations: which occupations are in high demand

Deficit occupations are those in which there is a shortage of staff who are adequately trained for a job. In the labor market, this is reflected in the fact that the demand for workers is greater than the actual supply of certain occupations. Industries that need a specially specialized workforce strive to fill jobs with qualified candidates who have a certain set of skills and abilities. They are therefore willing to offer certain benefits to many of these jobs to promote the long term existence of these professions.

Despite the pandemic and the disturbed balance in the labor market, in recent months we have seen an increase in demand for certain staff. Which are the deficit occupations, you can read in the following article.

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Deficit occupations and employment opportunities in EU

Employment opportunities in the European Union are “quite high”. The basic conditions for working abroad are: language skills, work experience, appropriate education for professions in short supply.

The top five skill deficit occupations are:

  • ICT professionals;
  • medical doctors;
  • science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) professionals;
  • nurses and midwives and teachers

Statistics show that higher education brings higher earnings. Thus, employees with a university degree earn 60 percent more than employees with a high school education. Employers in Slovenia are also facing a shortage of staff. Not sure if your job is in the list of deficit occupations? Hence, the employment of foreigners is becoming more and more important. Also, the employment of foreigners is a current topic of many companies in Slovenia. They face a failed search for staff when doing business in Slovenia. You have ideas , but you need help? Do you need business advice? In this regard, Data company offers you full support.

But how can you open a web shop in Slovenia/EU?

Are you a highly qualified worker wishing to work in Slovenia?

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What is an EU Blue Card?

An EU Blue Card gives highly qualified workers from outside the EU the right to live and work in an EU country. What level of education does it require? Workers must also have higher professional qualifications. You have plans to bring your family to Europe? The EU Blue Card in Slovenia is also of a big advantage for family reunification. What is more, you can only obtain an EU Blue Card on the basis of highly qualified employment. Is your job in the list of deficit occupations? You need support?

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Expanding Your Business in EU – Slovenia

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