EU Blue Card: conditions for obtaining it and level of education

EU Blue Card conditions for obtaining it and level of education

The EU Blue Card is a document with which a non-EU citizen is allowed to enter and reside in Slovenia. They can also carry out work due to highly qualified employment. What level of education does it require? What are the other conditions for such a work permit? Find out what the EU Blue Card offers and what you need to pay attention to as an employer.

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EU Blue Card: is the level of education important in obtaining the permit?

You can only obtain an EU Blue Card on the basis of highly qualified employment. It means that your education is also important in this case. A foreigner must have at least a university degree. Also, the employer must provide him with a salary. It has to amount to at least 1.5 times the average annual gross salary in Slovenia.

When obtaining the consent to issue the EU Blue Card, it is also important that there are no other suitable unemployed persons in the records of the Employment Service of Slovenia (ESS).

EU Blue Card: where and how to obtain the proof of education?

You can obtain an EU Blue Card by submitting an application. This form requires a proof of correct education:

  • In order to compare the degree of education, you have to evaluate where in the country of origin this education level stands. Then you can compare it to the Slovenian education system.
  • In order to prove that it is high enough, an opinion of an authority in Slovenia must be issued. They have to evaluate and review the degree of education.
  • In Slovenia, the ENIC-NARIC center issues these opinions.

It brings another important advantage for foreigners!

After obtaining a classic work and residence permit, a non-EU citizen must wait at least one year to apply for the permit for his family members.

The EU Blue Card provides an advantage in this process. The EU Blue Card allows him to apply for the residence permits for his family members as soon as he obtains his permit.

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