Limited liability company – why is it a better choice?

Limited liability company - why is it a better choice?

A limited liability company is one form of company

The limited liability company is the most famous form of company in the world and in Slovenia! It is a legal entity. Who can open it? Members who pay share capital can open it. In general, the minimum amount is 7,500 EUR. Firstly, both natural or legal persons can open LTD. Does this interest you? Do you have a plan but you have dilemmas? Contact DATA! Or call us on +386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp).

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Limited liability company relations

The members of a limited liability company specify their relations with a memorandum of association. If only one member opens LTD, then he prepares deed of incorporation. In this case, there are some rules and conditions for the memorandum. What are the conditions? They are:

  • the name and surname and the residence or business name and registered office of each member,
  • the name, registered office and main activity of the company,
  • the amount of the share capital and share capital contribution,
  • the name of the member for each share capital contribution and his/her share of the business,
  • the name and surname of the representative(s) of the company,
  • the contact e-mail address of the company
  • the additional activities of the company.

After the company registration the members can change the information! Do you have any questions? Want to know more? We will be glad to help you. Contact DATA!

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Limited liability company – share capital

To repeat, the founding capital for LTD is EUR 7,500.00. However, in case the company has more partners, each pays his or her own share. As a result, the minimum capital share should be EUR 50,00. They pay after the preparation of the documents at DATA. They then choose a bank and pay to a temporary account. After the registration, the members change the temporary account into a business account. In effect, they can use the capital to run the company. The capital must be in euro. Otherwise, if the capital is in fixed assets, the registration process needs to be done by notary. Do you find this of help? Or maybe you need more information? Do not hesitate to call us on 00386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp) or send us an email on!

How to register your company in Slovenia?


A limited liability company most often performs many activities. They can refer to production of products, trade, construction, transport, catering, tourism, real estate, etc. It employs workers fast. That is, after the company is registered in the Companies Register and applies for VAT number.

To emphasize, a start-up company is registered as a limited liability company. You wonder why? Because it often registers with projects with other companies, including abroad. It does that to raise funds from investors and often to apply for tenders. However, if the idea fails, the partners in the start-up are liable for claims of the capital. Unless it is not at risk. Are you hesitant to choose? Do you have dilemmas? Then contact us! Don’t wait! Call us on 00386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp)!

Call us on +386 40 530 718  (Viber/WhatsApp)

So why it is best choice?

As we have shown, you need founding capital for LTD. Also, the profits are highly taxed. For the same reason, the costs are high too. In comparison to sole proprietorship, the LTD is again more favorable. You ask why? In the long run LTD enjoys high reputation and trust in the market. It gets tenders easier. As a result, it attracts investors. Does this interest you? Do you want to make your business idea come true? Then, please let us help you!

Are you ready for success? Do you want to open a limited liability company? Well, don’t wait! You can contact DATA! After all, our experts will be happy to help you! In addition, we offer quality services, including accounting, tax, and legal servicesIn sum, please visit our Facebook as well!

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