IT services and computer programming in Slovenia

IT services and computer programming in Slovenia

In today’s world almost everyone owns or uses a computer. In addition to personal users, all companies need to rely on using computer technology in some scope. Hence if you have computer programming skills, you can decide to start your business in Europe by opening an IT services company in Slovenia. It is one of the business activities that does not require a lot of initial investment in order to provide your services to a broad scope of personal and business users.

Data d.o.o. and its 40 experts have been offering support to entrepreneurs who start their business in Slovenia for nearly 30 years. We offer support in company registration and additionally also provide services of accounting. Our legal team can guide you through the obligations you have as an IT service provider and make sure that you abide by the Slovenian legislation when doing your business.

1st step when starting your business – company registration in Slovenia

In order to be able to provide IT services in Europe, the first step is to register a company. Anyone can register an LTD company. It is a private limited company and requires 7500€ share capital. It can have several shareholders and legal representatives, who all have to obtain a Slovenian tax number. If you already have an existing company abroad, you can decide to open a subsidiary or a representative office. All company types give you the possibility to provide IT services in Slovenia and in the EU.

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What business activities do you need to register to provide IT services?

Providing IT services within your company in Slovenia requires that you register the appropriate business activities. All activities relating to IT services do not require any additional licenses in order to perform them. Depending on what scope of IT services you plan to offer you have a variety of business activities to choose from.

The Slovenian Standard Classification of Business Activities (SKD) includes the codes for all business activities available in Slovenia. When registering the company, you need to include the business activities you plan to perform within your company’s act of establishment. The basic business activity you have to register when providing IT services is under the SKD code 62.0101 – computer programming. It will include all services related to writing, planning, updating and fixing computer programs.

Additionally, we also recommend registering the business activity 62.020 – consulting on computer devices and equipment. Offering IT services can also mean managing computer devices and system, which is covered by the SKD code 62.030.

Processing data and related activities are under the SKD code 63.110.

Register a company offering IT services in Slovenia with support of Data d.o.o.

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