Standard classification of activities for Slovenian companies

Standard classification of activities for Slovenian companies

When starting your business in Slovenia, you would need to register a company here. In the process of company registration, you would have to choose business activities which you will engage in when doing your business in Europe. All of the possible activities you can register are listed in the standard classification of activities – SKD.

Are you considering company registration in Slovenia?

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Data d.o.o. will be happy to assist you in the process of starting your business in Europe. Our legal advisors can help you understand which activities from the standard classification you have to choose to do your business in accordance with Slovenian legislation. We also provide tax consultation, accounting services and services of virtual office.

What is the standard classification of activities?

The standard classification of activities is a large document on 192 pages. It contains the list of all business activities which you can register within a company in Slovenia. It is important that your company has all those business activities registered for which it will issue invoices.

How many activities from the standard classification can you choose?

When registering a company in Slovenia, you would have to choose a main business activity but also supporting business activities. Usually, you choose those business activities that you plan on doing after your register the company and issue invoices for. But you can also add or remove the activities later.

How does the procedure look like?

The standard classification of activities consists of the name of the business activity and a five-digit number. The consultant at the licensed VEM point can assist you in understanding which of the business activities you need for your business plan. Then the consultant inserts the five-digit code into your company’s online form for the act of establishment. The consultant at our VEM point will also warn you if your chosen business activity is a subject of occupational licensing or a regulated business activity that requires a license.

What are the most common business activities that entrepreneurs choose at our VEM point?

Data d.o.o. has its owned licensed VEM point. It means that we are allowed to perform company registrations right here in our office. Here, we consult our clients regarding the contents of the standard classification and the business activities which they need to choose. Last year, the most commonly chosen business activities were renting own real estate, transportation of goods, sales brokerage of unspecialized products, cosmetic business, online store, construction business, event planning etc.

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