Normalization of COVID19 situation in Slovenia – loosening the restrictions

Normalization of COVID19 situation in Slovenia – loosening the restrictions

Since March 2020, the coronavirus outbreak affected business in Europe and throughout the world. Each country has found its own way to deal with the outbreak and try to contain it. Slovenia has been quite successful with its preventative measures and due to the success, the government started to loosen the restrictions for businesses and allow companies to slowly provide its services. We have summarized which businesses can reignite its activity starting this week due to the normalization of the COVID19 situation in Slovenia.

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Normalization of COVID19 situation in Slovenia – which companies can resume business activity?

The normalization of the coronavirus outbreak will result in certain businesses being able to resume business activity. Businesses offering hairdressing services, cosmetic services and massage services can resume business activity. They will have to abide by the guidelines that the National Institute for Public Health will prepare. Mostly it will involve using protective gear when handling clients. Also, they will have to insure certain physical barriers between the provider and the client to ensure sufficient personal space. Customers with visible signs of illness will not be accepted. The guidelines also state that people with chronic illnesses would not be advised to take up these services at this point.

The normalization of the current situation will also positively affect opening of clothing stores. Individual clothing stores or those that have separate entrances if they are in malls, can resume their activity. Those business will have to ensure regular ventilation and disinfection of fitting rooms. They will also have to keep separately the clothes that customers tried on for at least 2 days.

What about restaurants and bars?

The normalization of the outbreak means also good news for restaurants and bars. While they were able to offer take away services even before that, starting with 4th May these businesses can resume offering their services on outside areas and terraces. The competent authorities still have to issue a more detailed guideline on preventing the possible new spread of the disease. It will definitely involve using protective gear and ensuring enough personal space between tables of customers.

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