Posting of your workers in Austria – novelties from 1.1.2020

Posting of your workers in Austria - novelties from 1.1.2020

There have been some changes regarding companies who do posting of their workers in Austria. Posting of workers means that a company which is doing business in Slovenia, can also post their workers for short-term projects to other EU countries. There have been changes regarding the posting of workers in Austria due to the changes in collective agreements. They came into force from 1.1.2020. Mostly, they affect changes in hourly salary rates.

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What are the novelties regarding posting of workers to Austria that are applicable from 1.1.2020?

The majority of the changes influence the changes of collective agreements for certain business sectors. They include the collective agreements and changes in salaries for drivers in international transportation of goods and passengers. Additionally, they include the sector for food delivery, employees in trading, service industry, chemical industry, iron and metal processing industry, finance, IT services, marketing and advertising.

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An increase in salary for all employees who are posted to Austria from non-EU countries

The salaries will also increase for those non-EU workers who are posted to Austria and are 30 years old or younger or have finished university degree in Austrian universities. It will apply only for those applying for the first time or renewing the work permit. The unofficial name for this permit is the »red-white-red card«. Those who already have the card or their application is in review, the changes should not affect them.

These novelties will not apply for those workers who are in Austria under a short term work and residence permit. Additionally it will not affect those who are working in Austria under ICT permits and for those who have the red-white-red card under employment of deficient professions.

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You can open an LTD company in Slovenia and engage in posting of your workers in Austria on short-term projects under certain conditions. In that case these novelties might apply for your company as well.

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