Amazon Europe – possibilities for growth of your company

Amazon Europe – possibilities for growth of your company

Amazon Europe is one of the biggest worldwide online stores. You can offer and find a large scope of products on their platform. Selling and promoting products through the online store Amazon Europe is an unmissable chance for entrepreneurs to grow and develop recognition of your business in Europe. Selling products through Amazon Europe is currently not possible in Slovenia – but not for long! We will be explaining when it will be possible for Slovenian companies to offer their products on Amazon Europe.

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When will Slovenian companies have the possibilities to sell their products through Amazon Europe?

At this present time, Slovenian companies are not allowed to sell their products through the online store Amazon Europe. But in November of this year, this possibility will become available for them as well. In the end of 2019, Slovenian companies will have new business possibilities for selling on or and similar sites. This will enable Slovenian companies to expand their business and enter the European market further. The business scope would be an economic one, with less expenses, especially regarding logistics.

Why are Slovenian companies just now getting this opportunity?

The biggest issue, why Slovenian companies were not allowed to sell through Amazon Europe was the Slovenian legislation. This is because of the Law on preventing money laundering and financing terrorism (ZPPDFT-1). The particular law gave the obligation to mandatory report suspicious transactions. Additionally, the law requires that companies and clients are thoroughly checked. This was an obstacle for Amazon, because they have no possibility to check Slovenian companies because they did not yet adjust their business conducts with this legislation. But they tried to resolve the obstacle and as it seems, they found a solution. The Ministry of Economy and Development has informed the public that the solution for this obstacle will be in full swing in mid-November.

What opportunities does Amazon Europe bring to Slovenian companies?

Being able to sell on the Amazon platform, brings a great advantage for Slovenian companies. It gives the opportunity for growth, gaining new clients and recognition. When they will be able to sell on Amazon, each online seller (company), will have to respect the following:

  • general trade law (Trade Act),
  • special rules on selling remotely (Consumer Protection Act),
  • when an online store collects personal data about visitors and customers on a website, he or she must also strictly comply with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act and
  • also provide customers with appropriate support, depending on the nature of the products.

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