Registration into insurance system of a new coworker in Slovenia

Registration into insurance system of a new coworker in Slovenia

Registration into insurance system of a new coworker, you can arrange at »One stop shop«.

Entrepreneurs who are expanding their business and therefore already employ workers in their company, very much like that the application procedure carried out on a new employee is done at »One stop shop« in company Data.

The process is quick, simple and free of charge, it is good that an entrepreneur gets prepared for it and carries out the appropriate procedure for the recruitment of a new worker.

What should an entrepreneur do, before visiting »One stop shop«?

You have chosen a new employee for your company. Before its actual commencement of work in your company, you still have a few tasks that must be done for the recruitment procedure as provided in the Labour Relations Act.

  1. A future employee must receive a draft of a work contract at least 3 days before the agreed start of work in the company.

You can do this by:

If the candidate has comments on the employment contract, talk with him and negotiate an agreement. Prepare a clean copy of the employment contract. Clean copy must be signed by the employer and the employee when starting a job.

  1. Prior to the onset of labor, the candidate must undergo a medical examination by a doctor of labour medicine. This medical examination requires a referral from the previous preventive medical examination. The employer fills a referral form, the doctor fills in a medical certificate to confirm the  fulfillment of the specific health requirements where it is clear whether the worker is able to perform the work for which will conclude the employment contract.
  2. With the new employee, you must sign the employment contract. You must also iform him about the risk assessment (a document that you created after the establishment of the company and containing information on the method and organization of work, fire safety, …) of your business.
  3. You must also send him to the training of health and safety at work. The training shall be conducted by a safety engineer who has licensed the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs. After the theoretical part of the training and practical training in the workplace, a new collaborator receives a certificate of successful completion of training in health and safety at work.
  4. Before entering the work position, you need to register new employee into the pension, disability and health insurance, parental protection, unemployment insurance at the Health Insurance Institute.

Registration into insurance system of a new coworker in Slovenia can be done at »One stop shop«

In the application process in securing a new employee, you bring a signed employment contract and you need to know which school is finished your new colleague, because this is information that we need in the process of application for insurance.

  1. After signing a new employee subject to compulsory insurance, you have to give a colleague a copy of M1 form as proof that you reported in insurance. Original M1 form save in the personnel folder of the assistant.

Entrepreneur – employer can at »One stop shop« even after the employment of a worker, carries out changes to the data relating to the employment of a worker.

In case you need any additional information regarding employment of the personell in your company and registration into insurance system of a new coworker in Slovenia, do not hesitate to contact our specialist by email or by phone 00386 1 6006 270 or 00386 40 530 718 (Viber, WhatsApp). You can also follow us on Facebook.

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