A new form for the employment of foreigner in Slovenia

A new form for the employment of foreigner in Slovenia

A new form for the employment of foreigner in Slovenia

Before you will apply for employment of foreigner, you have to make labor market control. For it you will need to use the new PDM-KTD form (Job Vacancy – Labor Market Control), the Employment Service of Slovenia (ZRSZ) reported. The form will be in use form from 1 January 2018 onwards.

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Employers in Slovenia can employ third-country nationals only on the basis of a previously obtained single permit. In the process of issuing it, the ZRSZ shall, upon the request of the administrative unit give consent. The ZRSZ give the consent if the conditions from the Article 17 of the Employment Act, self-employment and work of foreigners are fulfilled. One of them is that in the Slovenian register of unemployed persons there is no suitable unemployed person that the employer could recruit.

In the process of issuing the permit for foreigner, the Employment Service of Slovenia, therefore, performs the so-called procedure of labor market control. It checks the fulfillment of the condition that there are no suitable persons or candidates for employment in the Slovenian register.

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The procedure for labor market control is necessary for the employment of foreigner

Therefore, the labor market control can be carried out by those who are interested in the employment of foreigner before applying for a single permit. The employer has to submit the PDM-KTD form. For this purpose, you will no longer use the PDM-1 form.

On the basis of the submitted form, within five working days, the ZRSZ will issue a notice indicating whether they are relevant persons in the register.

1. If there are no relevant persons in the register, you will continue the procedure for employment of foreigner (obtaining a work permit or a single residence and work permit). You must submit an application within 30 days of issuing the notification of ZRSZ.
2. If the relevant persons are in the register of the unemployed, you can not employ foreigner. You will be able to search candidates in the Slovenian labor market. In this case, you can post the PDM-1 form.

You can fill in all the forms and send them electronically.

Labor market control is one of the conditions for issuing:

  • work permits for workers coming from BiH.
  • permits for new employment of Croatian citizens in the transitional period after Croatia’s accession to the EU.
  • permits for seasonal work in agriculture for employment up to 90 days.
  • consent to a single permit for:
    – employment
    – seasonal work in agriculture for more than 90 days
  • consent to a written approval for:
    – the replacement of the job possition
    – the replacement of the employer
  • consent for EU Blue Card.
  • information sheet for the employment of foreigners who have issued a residence permit for reasons other than employment or work.

Professions not related to the labor market

For the following professions conducted by foreigners, in the process of issuing a permit or written approval, the Employment Service of Slovenia shall submit the consent for employment without labor market control:

  • welders,
  • driver of heavy trucks and tugs,
  • toolmaker,
  • turner,
  • electrician,
  • masonry,
  • carpenter.

At the Employment Service of Slovenia, they point out that, nevertheless, it is still true that when employing workers coming from BiH, it will be obligatory to submit the PDM-KTD form before applying for a work permit. This is the only way that the preliminary procedure under the agreement between Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina begins.

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