Important timelines – company registration in Slovenia, EU

Important timelines - company registration in Slovenia, EU

Are you planning to start your business in Europe and have chosen Slovenia as the country where you would register a company? Each country has its specific rules and important timelines to follow for procedure before, during and after company registration. So, it vital to abide by those timelines to do business in Slovenia according to Slovenian legislation.

Are you considering company registration in Slovenia?

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Data d.o.o. has over 28 years of experience in helping local and foreign entrepreneurs with their business. Our professional legal advisors will make sure to inform you about all the important timelines to follow when it comes to business conduct. We also have accountants who can look after your company’s business books and submit reports to the tax office, as well as do salary calculations. If your company requires a business address, we can also provide services of virtual office. Data d.o.o. is also a governmentally licensed VEM point and can carry out company registration directly in our office.

What do you have to take care of before company registration?

Non-EU citizens can open LTD companies in Slovenia. This is a company type, which requires 7.500€ share capital. With the amount of share capital, it is liable for business conduct. Before company registration, all shareholders and representatives need to obtain their Slovenian tax numbers. The timeline to obtain the tax number is 8 days after submitting the application at the Slovenian tax office.

You also need to arrange a business address in Slovenia for your company. The owner of the business address has to sign consent to allow you to register the address there. Afterwards, they also need to notrize this letter either at the administrative unit or at the notary. You can usually handle it within 1 day, depending on the owner’s availability. You can also use services of virtual office for your business address.

Additionally, you can decide to reserve the name of your company in advance. You can do so through an online form submission at the VEM point. To do it, you need a valid Slovenian tax number for the shareholder. For the company name, you have to choose a name using at least three letters of the English alphabet. The name cannot be similar or already in use by another existing company.

Important timelines in the process of company registration

Once you have handled all of the above-mentioned procedures, you can proceed to registering your company in Slovenia. All shareholders and representatives of the company have to be present in Slovenia. You can register your LTD company at any VEM point in Slovenia without additional charges. Here, the consultant will prepare the act of establishment for your company. The timeline for this process is around 1 hour.

After signing the company registration documents, you would need to submit an application to open a temporary bank account. There you would deposit the 7.500€ capital. The banks usually require some time to review the application in order to decide to open the bank account.

When a bank has approved the opening of the bank account, you need to deposit the founding capital. An important timeline to consider here is that you need to make the deposit within 14 days from signing the act of establishment. If you are not able to do the deposit in that time, the company registration documents are no longer valid and you have to come to the VEM point to sign the documents again.

After you have submitted the 7.500€ capital, the bank issues a confirmation of deposit. You have to bring this confirmation back to the consultant at the VEM point. Then the consultant can file the company registration application to the court. You would receive a decree of company registration within 3-5 business days.

Important timelines to follow after the company is officially registered

After the company is registered, you would need to activate the permanent bank account. Here, there usually is no timeline to follow but you cannot access your company’s funds, issue or receive payments before you have an active permanent bank account.

Also, within 8 days from the date of company registration, you would need to file application about the foreseen turnover for the company for the current business year. If you do the company registration at the VEM points, the consultant already handles this application during signing the act of establishment. But if you register the company at the notary, you would need to handle this application separately.

Within 8 days from registering the company, you would also need to submit the application to the registry of beneficial owners of the company. It means that you would have to report on the actual owners of the company to the Slovenian registry AJPES.

If you plan to conduct business with companies in other EU states, your company will also have to enter the VAT system. It is important to obtain a VAT number before starting your business in other EU countries. You can submit the application for the VAT number after company regsitration, if you provide sufficient proof of taxable income in Slovenia. The timeline to obtain the VAT number is up to 2 months after submitting the complete application.

Timelines connected to employing staff in Slovenia, EU

If you plan on employing staff in your company, the timeline to enroll them into Slovenian social security is no later than on the day he will start working for you. You can do the enrollment at any VEM point, free of charge. Afterwards, you need to inform your accountants so that they start salary calculations for the employees.

Before your employees start to work in your company, they also have to pass a medical examination and seminar for safety at work.

If you plan on employing non-EU staff, you would need to obtain a work and residence permit before they can start to work in your company. For that the company requires to fulfills specific terms of active business conduct. The timeline to obtain the work and residence permit differs depending on the chosen condition and can take from 6-10 months to obtain the permit for them.

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