Conditions to open Ltd – who can, and who can’t open one?

Conditions to open Ltd - who can, and who can't open one?

Are you an entrepreneur and you want to know the conditions to open Ltd? You are in the right place. In general, the conditions to open a limited liability company relate to certain legal restrictions on the appointment of partners and representatives. Also, what are the conditions to open Ltd at a DATA point? Let’s explore!

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Conditions to open Ltd company and the ZGD-1

To start, the Companies Act (ZGD-1) set down the conditions to open Ltd. For instance, Article 10a of this law defines who cannot become a founder, partner or entrepreneur. Also, one can’t open Ltd if he/she is charged for crimes in the economic sphere. There can be various reasons: against labor relations and social security; legal traffic; against property; against the environment, against human health and against the general safety of people and property. Moreover, one can’t open if public organs declare the person as a non-returner of taxes. Does this help you? Do you want to know more about ZGD-1? Our legal experts can advise you!

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Who meets the conditions to open Ltd at a DATA point?

Let’s assume you want to open an Ltd at our DATA point. For that, you need to meet several requirements. Most importantly, the shareholder(s) and the representative(s) must appear in person at the DATA Point with valid identity document(s). Secondly, you must also commit a minimum capital of EUR 7,500. Thirdly, if the partners or representatives do not include the owner of the building where the business address of the company will be, you must also provide a certified declaration from the owner of the building. In comparison, what are the differences between a single-person Ltd and a multi-person? With attention to that, our business advisors can best advise you! Contact us and schedule a meeting with them!

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Who can’t open an Ltd at a DATA point? Why?

The conditions to open Ltd at a DATA point are very favorable! However, why is it not always possible to open Ltd at a DATA point? In some cases, you will need to go to a notary. Unfortunately, that will cost additionally. For example, the notary must carry out the social contract of association if you want to open an Ltd with fixed assets as your capital. Furthermore, the same applies for a multi-person Ltd in case you want to add more specific articles to the contract. Basically, the contract regulates the relations of members in the company. On a side note, to point out, if spouses want to register an Ltd, they too need to go to the notary. With this purpose in mind, what conditions to open Ltd do you meet so far? Call us on +386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp)!

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