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Business ideas should not remain a secret, especially if you want to get co-funding for it. All companies and individuals who have a business ideas can apply for European funds, even if they only think about setting up their company in Slovenia. However, the funds are not so easy to obtain, and entrepreneurs usually have problems finding the appropriate tenders.

The company Data can help you develop business ideas and find suitable tenders, European funds for your business ideas.

Co-financing or business ideas

Entrepreneurs often ask us how to get money and where to find tenders, to which they can apply. First we ask them what they want to finance, and their answer is almost always the same: anything. This is quite legitimate, but not the best approach to financing business activities, since it puts the most important thing in the background – business ideas.

Firstly, you need to try to develop the idea, and then implement it. Instead, entrepreneurs spend most of their time looking for money – an indispensable source.

We all need funds, but it is not the most important part of entrepreneurship. The most famous global investors say that they immediately reject the proposals of all start-ups, who argue that the only obstacle to realizing their idea is the lack of money. Therefore, we suggest putting your business ideas always in the spotlight. A business idea should be the basis from which everything else follows.

In the company Data we will help you with project that will match the development plans of your company and the main areas of the selected tender. We can also prepare an application for you with all the necessary attachments and proofs, and arrange for sending of complete documentation on time.

With us you can also open your company in Slovenia for free!

What should you do to make your business ideas suitable for (co)financing?

You probably already ask yourself why we write about co-financing, not financing. Just because 100% of the funding is almost non-existent. Only rare tenders (and not one investor) provide 100% financing, as they are mostly limited to “top” expenses. To implement the idea, you will always have to make your own money. But you will prove to everyone that you are seriously thinking. Own financial contribution is required in all tenders.

We often talk about tenders and grants. This is a simple, quick and most effective way to obtain funds for your business ideas. Investors are difficult to convince, because they work almost exclusively with known products on the market. A loan is just a temporary option and you should always return it.

Business ideas – how to obtain funds?

Business ideas and some practical tips:

  • Divide the idea from all aspects (financial, personnel, market, technology). The goal is to find out where your strengths and weaknesses are.
  • Calculate how much money you need for certain categories of costs: tenders rarely fund the development of a product or service from the idea to the final implementation, so you need to look for funding for individual stages of development.
  • Do an analysis of the competition and the needs of customers; you should be sure that buyers will really pay for the services/products you offer (why should the buyer choose you?).

But the most important advice: your business idea should not remain a secret – tell about it as much as possible to people and study their reactions to it!

Business ideas – contact us!

If you have additional questions, please contact us by e-mail data@data.sior call us on +386 1 6006 270, Viber / WhatsApp: +386 40 530 718. You can also find us on Facebook.

We also provide business advice, legal services and accountant services. We have everything you need for business! Business ideas is the basis for success!

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