Market for real estate in Slovenia in 2018

Market for real estate in Slovenia in 2018

Purchasing real estate in Slovenia has been a topical issue in the last years. The real estate market has been able recuperate and the prices are steadily rising.

The Surveying and Mapping Authority of the Republic of Slovenia (GURS) each year issues the Report on the Slovenian real estate market, in which it combines detailed data on developments in the real estate market.

Within this article, we will present some interesting data on the events in the Slovenian real estate market in 2018 in order to assist foreigners in understanding it as well as see it a potential opportunity for business in Slovenia.

Compared to the record year 2017, the real estate market somewhat calmed down in 2018. The total number of real estate transactions thus decreased by around 10%. Sales prices, especially residential real estate, however, continued to rise steadily.

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Market for real estate in Slovenia – sales of real estate

According to the Slovenian Statistical Office, in year 2018, about 33,000 real estate sales transactions were concluded in Slovenia. The total value of the concluded transactions amounted to about 2.3 billion euros.

The largest share of sales transactions are residential real estate transactions (apartments and dwellings). If we add to this the building land, which is mostly intended for residential construction and garages and parking spaces, which also serve mainly for private use, accounts for almost 80% of all real estate transactions.

Non-EU citizens can buy real estate if they establish a company in Slovenia. Through that company they can then do business in Europe, namely Slovenia and they can buy the real estate that they can later rent out to natural persons or legal entities.

Prices for apartments in Slovenia

The most commonly sought after market is the appartment market. The average price of second-hand housing was EUR 1,770 per square meter in 2018. Compared to 2017, this is 10% more and 22% more than in 2015. However, the average price in 2018 was still about 3% lower than the record year in 2008, when it amounted to as much as 1,820 euros per m2. Prices were still the highest in Ljubljana and the coast, and the lowest in Prekmurje.

Prices for residential houses in Slovenia

The average price of a used residential house in 2018 at the country level amounted to 125,000 euros. Compared to 2017, the average price increased by 8% and compared to the year 2015 by around 16%.

In 2018, the average contract price for dwellings was the highest in the Coast (excluding Koper), where it amounted to 334,000 euros. In Ljubljana it amounted to 276,000 euros, in Maribor 118,000 euros and in Celje 114,000 euros.

Prices for business properties in Slovenia

The number of sales transactions with commercial real estate is quite low in Slovenia, so it is one of the most limited markets. Businesses most often take out business premises for their business activity.

The average price per square meter of offices at the national level in 2018 was 1,190€. The highest prices were in Ljubljana, where on average it was necessary to pay 1.580€ for square offer. For comparison, in Koper, the average price for square meter offices amounted to 1,450€, in Maribor 660€ and in Celje 640€.

The average price per square meter of sales outlets at the state level in 2018 was 960€. The highest prices were on the Coast (excluding Koper), where on average they cost about 2.410€ per square meter. In Ljubljana, the average price per square meter was 1,830€, in Koper 1,660€, in Maribor 1,310€ and in Celje 730€.

Prices for construction and agricultural land in Slovenia

At the national level, the average price for square meter of construction land amounted to 59€, and for square meter of agricultural land, 1.46€.

The highest prices of construction land were in Ljubljana, on average 221€ per square meter. In Maribor, it was necessary to pay 83€for square meter, and in the area of Celje, 27€ per square meter.

For agricultural land, the highest amount was required in the coastal area, ie 6.52€ per square meter. Prices were slightly lower in the Gorenjska region, where a squre meter cost 4.31€. The lowest prices were prices in the area of Notranjska and Posavje, where it was necessary to pay 0.54 and 1.02 euros per square meter.

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