Business name registration – what are the official rules?

Business name registration in Slovenia

Business name registration in Slovenia

Business name registration before starting your business is a very important step. If you already have an idea of the name of your future company in Slovenia, we can check if it is still available. The procedure can be done at our “One-Stop Shop” and it is free of charge. Our referent Will consult you about business name registration.

Buisness name registration – what are the rules?

Before business name registration you have to know:

  • the name should not contain the names or symbols of foreign countries and international organizations
  •  word Slovenia or its derivatives and abbreviations, flag and emblem of the Republic of Slovenia (RS) may be entered in the company’s name only with the permission of the government of the Republic of Slovenia
  •  if you want to use in the title of words that indicate the state or local government local community you need to get their permission
  • name or alias of known historical or other person is allowed to use in the name of the company only with permition from this person, or with the approval of relatives and Minister of Public Administration
  • name may not contain words or signs that are contrary to law or morality, include the trade mark or unregistered marks, which are protected by the rules governing trade marks or containing or simulate official signs

Our referent can advise you and explain you the rules of business name registration in advance.

Business name registration – how to change the name?

The change of the company name can be done at our »One stop shop« by shareholders (or by one of shareholders). The procedure at »One stop shop« is free of charge and takes a couple of minutes.

Referent prepares a clean copy of a founding act and a shareholder signs it. The resolution about the company name change is written in the electronic book of resolutions. The referent also sends a clean copy of a founding act via e-mail to the court of registration. The resolution about the change of the company name, entrepreneur receives in couple of days to the company’s address.

How can our company Data help you?

It is not just business name registration procedure that we can help you with. Here at Data in the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, our specialists help local and foreign entrepreneurs. We can help you with all the steps in your business career. Our referent can obtain for you all the necessary documentation before the registartion process. You can register your company here fast and easy. The procedure is free of carge.

Secondly, we offer legal, tax and migration support and counsultation.

We also offer accounting services and help with obtaining work and residence permit in Slovenia.

Finally, we can offer you a business address and virtual Office service, if you do not have one.

Therefore, if you are a foreign entrepreneur, do not hesitate to contact us and use our help!

More questions about business name registration? Contact us!

If you have more questions abour business name registration or any other question related with business, you can contact us. We Will be happy to answer your questions via email:, phone: +386 1 6006 270, Viber: +386 40 530 718 or Facebook.

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