After company registration – what to focus on?

After company registration

After company registration is complete, your business journey begins. Do you know where to find an accountant? How to employ a foreigner? Do you want to send your workers abroad? Despite the company registration being done, Data can still help you! We promise help on every step of the way. Even after company registration. Firstly we will expain the registration process. Keep reading to find out what happens after you start business in Slovenia! Do you need more information? Then contact us – send your inquiry here!

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Registering a company at Data

The process of company registration is free. However, you can book a business consultation before that. It’s best to be fully prepared. You might even need legal advice. But don’t worry. Our experts will help you from beginnig to the end. Even after company registration. Besides, you can reach us on Viber, WhatsApp and e-mail! In order to do that, call +386 40 530 718 or write to

The process of registration is simple. If you want to open an LTD, you need your passport ID, slovenian tax number, business address and founding capital. Furthermore, you will need a Founding company act. However, out legal team can prepare that for you. Additionally, we can help with the business address too! Do you have trouble with obtaining your landlord’s permission statement? In this case you can set up your business address at our virtual office.

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After company registration – who does the accounting?

At first, after company registration, you have to go to the bank. There you will change your temporary account into a business one. Additionally, you will have to find an accountant for your business. However, keep in mind anybody can be an accountant. Meaning that this activity is unregulated. In this case you should find a good accounting service. Look no further, because we have one at Data. Call our Viber/WhatsApp number: +386 40 530 718.

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How to employ foreigners after company registration?

Another thing you might want to do after company registration is employ a foreigner. You can do that, however, you have to prove your company is operating. Usually this takes at least 6 months. You can prove that by recieving income over €10,000 for six consecutive months or employing a Slovene/EU-citizen full-time for six consecutive months. However there is another option. In this case the process is much quicker. All you have to do is invest €50,000 in company assets.

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Furthermore, do you want to send your workers to work abroad? In this case you will need an A1 form. Before that you will need a work and residence permit. But don’t worry! You can get all of those documents with our help. Set up a business consultation to find out more. For any other questions, call us on Viber/WhatsApp: +386 40 530 718 or send us an e-mail. Last but not least, we would be happy to see you on Facebook!

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