Company formation in Slovenia, Europe

Company formation in Slovenia, Europe

Are you considering company formation in Europe? Have you not decided on a destination yet? In that case, you can read this article to understand the process of company formation in Slovenia, EU.

Company formation – why Slovenia, EU?

Slovenia has a lot of advantages compared to other EU states. It is a part of both EU and Schengen zone, which offers easy access to potential clients also from other EU countries. Most of the population speak English as well so there is less communication barrier than in some other EU countries. It is a small country but it neighbors to Austria, Italy, Hungary and Croatia and is therefore a good starting point to international clients as well. The life standard in Slovenia is high and it is a very safe country with very low crime rate. Also, the legislation regarding obtaining the work and residence permit is easier than most countries and also more straightforward.

Company formation in Slovenia – what do you need for company registration?

If you have decided for company formation in Slovenia, there are a few formalities, which you need to do first. All future directors and shareholders need to obtain a Slovenian tax number.

Another document you would need for company formation is a statement of the owners of the business address in Slovenia. All companies need a business seat in Slovenia and the owner of the address has to certify his consent either at the administrative unit or the notary. Another possibility is that he comes with you when you come to our One-Stop Shop for company registration.

You would also have to choose a company name in advance in order to avoid complications during the company formation process. The name has to differ from the names of existing companies in the Slovenian business registry. You can reserve the name as soon as one of the shareholders obtains his Slovenian tax number.

As a non-EU citizen, you can establish an LTD company. For LTD company formation you would need 7.500€ founding capital. During the process of company registration, you would need to deposit that amount on a temporary bank account in a chosen bank in Slovenia. Within 3-5 business days from depositing the founding capital, the company is officially registered. Then the representative of the company has to change the temporary bank account to permanent in order to have access to company funds.

Company formation in Slovenia – what can Data do for you?

Our company Data can offer you full support for company formation in Slovenia. We can obtain Slovenian tax numbers for all representatives and shareholders of your company based on power-of-attorney. We can also organize the company registration at our One-Stop Shop. Additionally, we can also organize the meeting at the chosen bank to open the temporary bank account.

Our legal department can assist you to understand, which business activities you have to register and whether or not they would require you to obtain any licenses.

We also offer services of virtual office if you do not have a business address where you would register the company at.

Also, our specialists can offer you accounting and tax consultation in addition to offer bookkeeping and accountancy services.

Our department for foreign citizens can also assist you to understand the process of business immigration and guide you through the procedure.

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