Investment in Slovenia/EU and company registration

Investment in Slovenia EU and company registration

Investment in Slovenia – reasons

Lately, investment in Slovenia is something foreigners decide on when they think about business immigration to Slovenia. They see the state as a good  choice to invest in real estate in order to expand their business. Through a Slovenian company, you can also do business in Europe. Slovenia is also a good option because of its location. As part of the EU, your company can have suppliers and clients across the EU. Because of the same currency as most of Europe has, trading is a lot easier. The fact that Slovenia is part of the Schengen zone also makes the transport of goods. The economy of the country has also improved. Not only GDP but also the average gross salary in Slovenia has increased this year.

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Can non-EU citizens invest in real estate?

Who can buy real estate in Slovenia? Most of the non-EU citizens cannot buy real estate in Slovenia as a natural person. This means that the only option for investment in Slovenia in real estate is through company registration. This is great if you want to use the purchased property for your business. This can mean using it for business premises.

A Slovenian company can buy residential and commercial real estate. You can use the commercial real estate as the business address of the company. Also, you can engage in renting the office space to other companies. You can follow us on Facebook  and Instagram to learn more about Slovenia.

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The investment in Slovenia – setting up a company

What is the first step? If you want to invest in real estate in Slovenia, you need to set up a company. For renting your own real estate you only have to register the correct business activity. You do not need to get any licenses. Our legal experts can also help you in the process.

The investment in Slovenia is not only a good choice for business. It also opens the door to obtain a residence and work permit in Slovenia. This can be for you as the director, your workers and your family.

To open a company in Slovenia, you need a minimum initial capital of 7,500 EUR. Also, you need to get the Slovenian tax numbers and a business address in Slovenia.

After setting it up, you can make an investment in real estate and start doing your business.

Data on new construction in Slovenia/EU in 2020

Can you invest in anything else other than real estate?

How else can you do the investment in Slovenia? For the business immigration, you would need to invest in your company’s fixed assets. This does not mean only real estate. You can also invest in equipment or vehicles. It is important that it connects to your company’s core business. The value of the assets has to be at least 50.000 EUR. You need to invest within the first 6 months since day of company registration. This is the fastest way to do the business immigration.

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