Initial capital for registration of a limited liability company in Slovenia

Initial capital for registration of a limited liability company in Slovenia

Initial capital for LTD company in Slovenia – what does it mean?

The initial capital of a company is also called share capital. The initial capital is required for the opening of a LTD (d.o.o.) in Slovenia. Entrepreneurs from all over the world can register a d.o.o. in Slovenia. The process is the fastest, as well as it needs the least paperwork.

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Initial capital – minimum amount for registration of a d.o.o.

The minimum amount of the initial capital that you must deposit to register a d.o.o. in Slovenia is € 7,500. If there are more owners, you can split the amounts. When registering a company, you can deposit this amount in cash. You can also transfer it from your personal bank account. The initial capital can be deposited as assets. But in this case you must do the registration in the office of a notary. You can later use this money for your business. Anyone can register a d.o.o., there is no need for a specific education for opening a company.

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In which cases do you need a larger amount of initial capital?

The capital can be 7500€ for most business activities. But there are some that need a larger amount. For example, transportation with trucks over 3.5 tons where you must obtain a license for it. This permit needs a proof of a good financial standing. This is 9.000 EUR for the first vehicle and 5.000 EUR for each following vehicle. You can prove this by investing in assets or by depositing a larger sum of initial capital. We post these kinds of updates on Facebook and Instagram.

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Can you change the amount of share capital for d.o.o. later?

You can later make the initial capital higher. But you would have to visit a notary in Slovenia for that. If your capital is at 7500€, you cannot lower it. The amount of the share capital that each owner pays also entitles them to the same percentage when paying out dividends.

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