Transport license for your company in Slovenia – changes

Transport license for your company in Slovenia - changes

If your company performs the activity of international transportation with vehicles that weigh over 3.5 tones you need a transport license. Changes to the conditions for obtaining the international transport licence came into force on August 6 this year. Read this article to find out more.

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Transport license – what has changed?

In order to obtain transport license for the transport of goods your company needs to meet certain conditions. Until now the conditions were: good reputation, financial capability of the company, a transport manager and at least one registered vehicle, when applying for a license.

Recently another condition came into force. It relates to the company’s headquarters and the number of employed drivers and other employees in the company.


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Transport license – company headquarters

In order to obtain transport license your company needs an office in the Republic of Slovenia. The office size is determined by the number of licensed vehicles the company owns. In the office the company keeps business documentation, bookkeeping documents and personnel documentation. As well as  documentation on driving and rest periods of the drivers. In the office the company must also have the appropriate equipment, more precisely the basic communication equipment and office equipment. The company needs to publish working hours. Working hours are determined between 7 and 17, minimum 6 hours a day.


Transport license – company employees

The vehicles that the company owns, determine the minimum number of employed drivers. For example, a company with up to two vehicles must employ at least one driver, a company with four vehicles employs at least two drivers, and so on. Companies with five or more vehicles must also have besides the drivers additional employees. For example, a company with 5-10 vehicles must have at least one more employee, and a company with 11-20 vehicles must have at least two more workers, etc.


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Presence of employees at the company’s headquarters

At least one employee must be present on the company’s premises during business hours. If the company does not have more than 5 vehicles, you can also reach the transport manager or the director by phone during working hours. In the case of an inspection, the transport manager or the director of the company must arrive at the company’s headquarters within the period determined by the supervisory body.


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