Real estate prices in Slovenia – already stabilizing

real estate prices

Real estate prices in Slovenia skyrocketed in 2022. Despite the increase, the market is now stabilizing. Let’s look at real estate prices at the end of 2022. And don’t forget, even foreigners can buy property in Slovenia. The easiest way is by registering company in Slovenia. Do you also need help to register company in Slovenia? Then contact us! Call us on +386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp) or write to us on

Real estate prices grew

According to the 2022 report of the Surveying and Mapping Authority of the Republic of Slovenia (GURS), the prices of real estate in Slovenia grew in 2022. The prices of apartments are 19% higer than last year. Further, the price of land for residetial buildings increased by 17%. And the price of houses were 12% higher in 2022. The overall price growh in the first half of 2022 is why the real estate prices grew as well. But there is good news. In the second half of the year they began to stabilize. GURS data for Slovenian real estate in 2022 actually show that prices in larger cities practically stagnated from July on.

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Anually, apartment prices still the highest in Ljubljana

The data about real estate prices in Slovenia shows that purchasing apartments in 2022 was still the most expensive in Ljubljana. However, in the last quarter, the prices of apartments in the coastal region surpassed Ljubljana’s. This has not happened since 2017. The average price of apartments sold in Ljubljana in 2022 was 3950 euros/m2. This is 540 euros per square meter more than in 2021. On the coast, the average price was 3770 euros/m2. The alpine tourist area, including Kranjska Gora, Bled, and the Bohinj Lake area, ranked third in terms of apartment prices. The average price there was 3580 euros/m2.

Where are apartments more affordable? The real estate prices were the lowest in Bela krajina, where the average price per square meter was 1100 euros. In Prekmurje, the average price was 1140 euros per square meter. The average price of a used apartment in Slovenia in 2022 was 2400 euros per square meter, which is 16,5% higher than in 2021.

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What about other real estate prices?

The price of houses reached a record value in 2022 as well. The average price of a house with accompanying land was 132 thousand euros. This was 20 percent higer than the year before.  According to the real estate prices data for Slovenia in 2022, the house prices were much higher in Ljubjana. The average price for a house there was 360 thousand euros. But still, the prices in Slovenia are much lower than in the rest of EU. That makes Slovenia an excellent choice for business immigration.

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The number od transactions is decreasing

GURS’s data for the real estate market in Slovenia also shows that approximately 33,800 transactions were made by mid-February this year. The total value of those contracts was about 2.8 billion euros. The total number of contracts for 2022 will not exceed 35,000, with a total value of approximately 2.9 billion euros.  The data for 2021 shows 37,400 signed contracts with a total value of 3 billion euros. The number of transactions has been decreasing since April, in comparison to other years.

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Whether you are dreaming of living in the colorful city of Ljubljana, enjoying the sun in the coastal region or breathing fresh air with the view of the Alps, we are here to help. No matter the real estate prices. The overall easiest way of purchasing real estate in Slovenia for foreigners is registering a company. Slovenia is a great choice for you, if you want to live in a safe and business friendly country.

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