How to effectively start a construction company in Slovenia

How to effectively start a construction company in Slovenia

How to effectively start a construction company

How to effectively start a construction company is a question that arises more often among many entrepreneurs. Construction is one of the most popular activities in Slovenia. This activity is a favorite activity of entrepreneurs. And is for those who decide to open companies in Slovenia. A construction company in Slovenia is also a great chance for Slovenian entrepreneurs. The following question is why? And the answers is very simple. Because it allows them to expand their business to the European market. What are further steps now?

So, are you thinking of founding a construction company in Slovenia? Then now is the right time for action. You need proper advices and support ? In this case, our experts at Data d.o.o. will provide you with complete support. So, are you ready for this step? Do you want to have a successful construction company? Want to find out the conditions of registration of the construction business ? And the procedure of obtaining a license? Only in one place you can get all the information for construction company in Slovenia. All you have to do is to call us on VIber/WhatsApp +386 30 640 995 .

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Construction activity in Slovenia in demand

Fist of all, you must be sure that your business plan is solid. Also to find a home base where you will start. Hence, about 30% of employees in construction companies are foreigners. They come from different countries. How can you effectively start your construction company? Last year’s growth in the income of that industry affected the growth. Construction works are now in demand. They are followed by the construction of residential buildings. Also the construction of engineering structures. It is also important to hire business consultants. Did you know that you can establish a company and hire a business consultant in Slovenia? In this regard , we offer several types of consulting services.

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Necessary conditions to effectively start a construction company

A construction company in Slovenia is simple to register. So, are you ready to start? Do you want to know the steps ? The first step is to register a company: Private Limited Company, a subsidiary or a branch (representative office). The choice is up to you. What is your next step? Then, you need an initial capital of EUR 7,500. You pay this sum as a deposit to your business account. So, what is next? To register a company and effectively start, you need a Slovenian tax number. Also you need business address in Slovenia. However, tax number and business address for the company are provided by us at Data company . That is excellent, right ?

Construction companies also need the virtual office services. So, what is a virtual office ? The virtual office service includes receiving and sending your mail. The support is offered by our company Data. It is done by a team with many years of experience. We also offer you a short term rental of office space for a meeting with your business partners.  You have a question ? Do you know that you can have this in one place? Call us on VIber/WhatsApp +386 30 640 995  and find out what we have to offer for you!

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Construction company – expanding into a foreign market

Almost every construction entrepreneur asks hmself: How to successfully break into the foreign market ? Is this possible? Can you also effectively start this ? With the construction business, it is much easier. You have the chance to work abroad. It is because this demand works great. Thus, is it possible to expand your business ? The answer is simple. Of course it is. You can expand in many countries worldwide. In German speaking markets, it is good to have the abbreviation GmbH at the end of the company name. This means a limited liability company. This status form of the company gives much more confidence in business space than other forms of company.

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