Register a company in Slovenia in one day

Register a company in Slovenia in one day

Can you really register a company in Slovenia in one day? Yes, this is correct and you can register a company in Slovenia in one day. If you are planning to open or expand your business to the European Union, you can easily open a company in Slovenia. Registration of the company and opening a bank account for the deposit of founding capital can all be done in one day.

The company DATA has more than 28 years of experience in the field of registration of private limited companies (LTD). Due to the extensive experience and cooperation with the public authorities, the process of company registration takes up only one day.

Why Slovenia?

Slovenia boasts a very favorable economic and geographic position. Slovenia is one of the safest countries in the world, which is undoubtedly one of the advantages of choosing a country to start your business.

Before your arrival, you send us the scanned copies of the passports of all the intended founders, the address of permanent residency and information about place of birth. Based on the data we prepare a power-of-attorney with which we will be able to obtain a Slovenian tax number and certificate of non-criminal record in Slovenia for all the founders. All the documents need to be obtained before the company registration so that you can come to our office directly for the registration.

Register a company in Slovenia in one day – how will activities follow

This is how the activities will follow on the day of the registration:

  1. Company registration in the »One-Stop Shop« in our office
  2. Consultation with our accountant, signing of the contract for accountancy services
  3. Opening a bank account for your company to deposit the founding capital of the company. If the founding capital is deposited in cash, you will immediately receive a confirmation about the deposit of founding capital, which you have to bring to our office so that we can finish the process of company registration.

In 5 working days, the company will be added to the registry of Slovenian companies.

While conducting our work, we have been successfully cooperating the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, the Ministry of Justice and Public Administration, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, employment offices, schools, banks and a number of institutions supporting entrepreneurs.

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