Distinction between owner and director – audio guide

Distinction between owner and director – audio guide

In the past weeks we have started to prepare audio guides for foreign entrepreneurs to help them better understand the process of doing business in Europe. The topic for today’s audio guide is making the distinction between owner and director of a company in Slovenia.

Distinction between owner and director(Alja Arko, Data d.o.o.)


Who is an owner of the company in Slovenia?

Doing business in Slovenia would start by opening a company in Slovenia. Non-EU citizens establish an LTD company. Already in the process of company registration, you would have to decide who is owner of the company. Owner, also known as shareholder, is the person or legal entity who provides the company’s founding capital. In the process, you would also have to appoint a representative. The distinction is stated in the paragraph below.

What is the distinction between owner and director of the company in Slovenia?

A director, also known as legal representative, is a natural person over 18 years, who is responsible for the company’s business conduct. The shareholder appoints that person to assume the role of representative already in the process of company registration. In a one-person LTD company, the shareholder and representative can be one and the same person.

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Deciding on who will be owner and who director of the company is only one of the decisions you will have to make when starting a business in Slovenia. To understand all the distinctions to follow, turn to Data d.o.o. for support.

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