How to open and register a company in Slovenia ?

How to open and register a company in Slovenia ?

How to open and register a company in Slovenia

How to open and register a company in Slovenia without investing too much effort? Many entrepreneurs start the process of opening a company on their own, only to find that they are always missing some document to return to their country. This can often drag on and last much longer than expected. To prevent this, contact us. We can help you because we provide you with full support from the registration of the company and later in its business.

If you would also like to open a company in Slovenia you can do it with us on Data. Therefore, for more information you can freely call us on 00386 030 640 995 (Viber/WhatsApp).

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How to quickly and easily open and register a company

So the question is how to open and register a company in Slovenia without sending you back each time for additional documents. Many entrepreneurs turned to us after unsuccessful attempts. You can learn from their mistakes. Right? The procedure can be done successfully. Without having any issues first, call us on 00386 030 640 995 (Viber/WhatsApp) to explain everything in detail. If you have decided to open and register a company in Slovenia, you must first know the basics. 

We also do the entire registration process, from start to finish. You can rely on us, because we will tell you exactly what documents you need and make an application for you. Which means that opening and registering a company will be an easy and fast procedure for you.

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Register a company – Business address

To open and register a company in Slovenia, you need a business address. The business address of the company must be in Slovenia and entered in the Business Register. If you do not have your own business address to register a company, we can help you here. Because we offer the service to register a business address at our Data address. And that is a perfect chance for you, because in that case you can also have accounting with us. Which means that we take care of your entire business.

Do you also need more answers ? Then, you can also apply for our free webinar on company registration! You can also write us on In this way you can also learn more. Do not wait! Set up a company with us at Data!

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Open a company – a virtual office

DATA company in Ljubljana, located at a business location on Dunajska cesta 136, offers you a business address and a virtual office service. The virtual office service includes daily notification of incoming mail, forwarding mail to your email address or other chosen address. Also receiving and forwarding phone calls, as well as other administrative and office services. It is easier to open and register a company with the right experts who guide you through the whole process.

Are you also ready to also set up a company easily with us at Data? That’s why we are here. We will also give you all the answers you need. Our consultants in Data will offer you full support. You can also contact our legal and tax consultans.

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Open a company in Slovenia – a bank account

Opening a company in Slovenia also requires opening a bank account for the company. The minimum initial capital of EUR 7,500 is then deposited in this account. The owners invest that capital in the firm which they can then use for the business. Every company that registers in Slovenia also needs legal support. In this case our legal experts can help you to open and register a company. You will value their help even more while doing business in Slovenia in future years. You have our full support! Don’t wait!

Do you also want to know more about business in Slovenia? Contact DATA for support! Our experts will be happy to help you. We advice you to also visit our Facebook  and Instagram. You can also sign up for free webinars on business in Slovenia.



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