How to start a business in Slovenia?

Starting a business in Slovenia, Europe

How to start a business in Slovenia?

How to start a business in Slovenia? Would you like to open a company in Slovenia and take advantage of the business immigration in order to obtain a residence permit in Slovenia?

Have you been interested in expanding or opening a business in Europe for a long time? In this case, it is important to find your niche on the Slovenian or EU market. In this article, we would like to say a few words about the possibilities of business conduct in Slovenia.

How to start a business in Slovenia – attractive business areas

Here is a short list of successful activities of companies in Slovenia for foreign entrepreneurs:

Firstly, trading and renting real estate. Unlike some EU countries, it is not prohibited for companies with foreign shareholders to buy property in Slovenia. In addition, there is no such tax on real estate.  Your company can also rent a room and then re-rent it to other companies or natural persons at a higher price. A big plus for these types of companies is that it does not require any licenses or permits.

Secondly, a transport company, logistics and expedition. Slovenia has a favorable economic and geographic position and therefore transport companies of foreign entrepreneurs are very successful in Slovenia.

Thirdly, tourism is a rapidly growing and profitable industry in Slovenia. The influx of tourists to Slovenia is growing every year. Hostels, rooms for rent, renting boats and bicycles are very popular.

Fourthly, pay attention to agriculture. Eco-production is very popular not only in Slovenia, but in the whole Europe. In addition, many of the urban residents choose to spend their holidays on farms (so called eco-tourism).

You also have to know that in Slovenia and Europe clients appriciate handmade products but the product quality has to be on a high level.

It is also possible that you have an idea to organize a different activity in Slovenia; in any case, it depends on your possibilities. It is important to remember that opening a business in Slovenia opens your way to unlimited possibilities of working with Europe.

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