Residence permit in Slovenia

Residence permit in Slovenia

Residence permit in Slovenia is a permit that allows you to live and work in Slovenia and can be obtained in different ways. After opening a company, many foreign individuals, representatives of foreign companies and their employees, who are not citizens of the EU, decide to obtain a unique residence and work permit in Slovenia with the purpose of an uninterrupted business conduct, work and employment in Slovenia, as well as offering services on its territory.

If the entrepreneur is expanding and establishing business in Slovenia, the director can easily obtain the authorization to conduct cross-border business up to three months in a calendar year. Alternatively, for example, foreign employers can deploy their co-workers, who have specific knowledge that is important in the conduct of the company’s business or for the purpose of professional development and training, to the subdivision abroad. In this example, we are talking about the transfer of people inside of associated companies (for example, if you open a branch office in Slovenia) so this means that the foreign employee can obtain a residence permit for living and providing services in Slovenia up to one year.  In any of the cases above, the future employee has to obtain a certificate of non-criminal record from their home country, since this is obligatory when obtaining a residence permit as a foreigner in Slovenia.

  1. Unique residence and work permit for directors (residence permit in Slovenia)

When foreign directors of companies have to obtain long-term employment in Slovenia due do the expansion or transfer of business, the company has to prove active business conduct of the company. This means that the company has to have an employee employed for a full workday for at least 6 months or has to show 10.000 EUR inflow to their bank account from conducting business each month for the last 6 months. If the company is younger than 6 months, it has to prove an investment in fixed assets of the company in the amount of 50.000 EUR

  1. Registration of short-term work of a foreign director

If the foreign director does not plan to be employed in  Slovenia and does not plan to carry out the work of the director in Slovenia for more than 90 days in one calendar year, he can take advantage of an easier option that the Law of employment and work of foreigners offers – namely, the registration of a short-term work of a foreign director.

  1. Employing a foreign employee at a Slovenian employer

A company, which want to employ foreigners who are not citizens of the EU on a specific job position, can do so by a control of the labor market. We can offer consultation on this procedure, offer to perform this procedure on the behalf of the company and open a job vacancy in the company, carry out interviews with potential candidates, prepare all the necessary documentation and see the process through. In order to employ a foreigner, the company has to prove that there are no suitable Slovenian candidates in the labor market, that company is not in the process of liquidation or bankruptcy and that it actively conducts business. The employee has to obtain the certificate of non-criminal record.

  1. Employing employees with higher education

An exception to this rule is employment of employees who have finished higher education in third-party countries. In this case, the company does not have to prove active business conduct or make an investment, but it does have to prove that there are no suitable Slovenian candidates in the labor market.

  1. Blue Card EU

A Slovenian employer can obtain a Blue Card EU for this employee with higher education from third-party countries*. In this case, the company does not have to prove active business conduct or make an investment, but has to receive the confirmation from the Employment Office of the Republic of Slovenia that there are no suitable Slovenian candidates on the labor market. The employer has to sign an employment contract with the employee for at least one year and it has to include the monthly wages in the amount of 1,5 times the Slovenian average wage. The employee with the Blue Card EU can apply for family reunification without a problem right away and does not have to wait one year to do so.

* Citizens of third-party countries are those, who come from countries outside of the EU, the European economic area or the Swiss confederation.

In companies, where the employee is employed through the control of the labor market (employment of a foreign employee at a Slovenian employer, employment of employees with higher education, Blue Card EU), the director has to have an official status in Slovenia.

Our specialists can offer consults on any of these forms of residence permits and can carry out the procedures instead of you quickly and efficiently.

Business immigration to Slovenia with the company Data – the right choice if you would like to expand your business, start a business in the EU or even come to live in Slovenia. You can obtain a temporary residence permit in Slovenia now and later even a permanent residence permit.

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