Establish healthy food company in few steps

Establish healthy food company in few steps

Establish healthy food company in Slovenia

Establish healthy food company in Slovenia in few simple steps. How to make money and still feel satisfied with your job is one of the key questions of today. And the answer is pretty simple, we just need to be open and optimistic enough to hear it.  Namely, people will always have the necessity of healthy food. This is understood by many entrepreneurs who set up a food business. The fruit and vegetable business is another successful option for developing your own business. The food you eat has a great effect on your health and quality of life.

Wondering how to establish healthy food company?

All you need is an idea, knowledge and experience to make your wishes come true! Owning a company in Slovenia and establish healthy food company offers a wide range of new opportunities. An entrepreneur who decides to start his own business initially encounters a lot of new things. In order for an entrepreneur to make the right decision, he needs information. Therefore, he needs answers to practical, legal and administrative questions.

The first step – a decision on the status of the company

Whether you open a limited liability company,subsidiary or a branch depends on several factors. Starting a business requires an initial minimum capital of 7,500 euros. We help you receiving a Slovenian tax number and a business address for the company. For instance, if the entrepreneur has an existing company in another country, he can establish a subsidiary of the company. You can choose what kind of status you need to establish healthy food company.

To establish a subsidiary, you need an initial minimum capital of 7,500 euros. Also a Slovenian tax number for the parent company and a business address in Slovenia. Likewise, the branch is completely connected to the parent company. This company can be engaged exclusively in the same activity as the parent company.

Necessary documentation for own company in Slovenia

If, as a foreign citizen, you decide to establish healthy food company in Slovenia, you may encounter a number of administrative obstacles. In order to cope with all the necessary documentation and administrative procedures, foreigners need help of experienced experts. They will guide you through all the necessary procedures and support. The documentation you need to collect also depends on which status form of company you decide on.

The importance of the tax and legal experts

In addition, it is most important for your own company in Slovenia to have professional accounting. It is also desirable to have the support of a legal expert.With a professional team, to establish healthy food company is easier. This helps you avoid beginner mistakes, which can cost you very much.

Data d.o.o. has 28 years of experience in providing assistance to foreign entrepreneurs. Also helps them in starting their own business. We offer complete support to entrepreneurs as well. This includes accounting, tax and financial services . For more data on opening a company in Slovenia, visit our Facebook and Instagram. Do you need support in the process? Our legal experts will be happy to help you. You can also sign up for free webinars on business in Slovenia.


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