Occupational licensing for certain business activities

Occupational licensing for certain business activities

If you are planning to bring to life your business idea on the European market, you can open a company in Slovenia to do it. But some business activities are a subject of occupational licensing in order to carry them out legally.

What does occupational licensing mean?

We have already written about regulated business activities in our previous articles. Those business activities mean that in order to carry them out, it is not sufficient just to open a company and register the appropriate business activities. You would have to obtain a specific license or permit before your can do your business in Slovenia.

Occupational licensing means that you would have to obtain a permit from the Chamber of Crafts in Slovenia. Mostly, occupational licensing is connected to having appropriate education and work history in a particular field.

Those business activities may include services of hair salon and beauty salon, some construction work, activity of an electrician, car repair, as well as services of a bakery.

It means that if you plan on doing business in Europe and provide services that are a subject of occupational licensing, you will have to make sure that you obtain the permit before the start of your work.

Where can you apply for occupational licensing?

If you will open a company and plan to do an activity that a subject of occupational licensing, you would have to apply for the permit at the Slovenian Chamber of Crafts.

Mostly occupational licensing is connected to having specific qualification or a National Vocational Qualification. So, in order to be eligible for occupational licensing, it is usually sufficient that you have completed at least secondary professional education in the particular business field. If you do not have it, you can pass the exam for National Vocational Qualification.

Once you have registered the company, you can start the process to register for occupational licensing. When you have received your permit, your company can start providing the service. But you have to make sure that you notify the Chamber of Crafts about any changes pertaining to the permit.

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