Do you need specific education for company registration?

Do you need specific education for company registration?

Many entrepreneurs who are registering the company in Slovenia, have asked if they need a specific education in order to register the company here. While the just registering the company and becoming shareholder or representative does not require specific education, some business activities require that you have specific education in order to provide those services.

Registering a LTD company does not require that you have specific education

If you plan on doing business in Slovenia, you would have to open a company first. Non-EU citizens can register an LTD company. This is a private company limited by shares and requires 7.500€ founding capital. Additionally, you also need a Slovenian tax number and a business address for your company. The process of company registration takes one month to complete and then you can proceed to do business in Europe.

Just being a representative or shareholder of the LTD company does not require you to show specific education.

Business activities of the company according to Standard business qualification (SKD 2008)

As mentioned, just registering the company does not require you to have specific education. But some business activities require that the carrier of the activity presents with specific education in order to offer their services to clients.

In the Standard business qualification (SKD 2008) there are 192 such business activities that are divided in three groups:

  • Unregulated business activities
  • Regulated business activities
  • Craft business activities

Unregulated business activities do not require obtaining any licenses or permits do provide such services. They also do not require you having specific education. Such business activities are: business consulting, programming, informal training courses, organization of events, translation etc.

Regulated business activities are those where the entrepreneur providing these services has to fulfill specific conditions to carry out the business activity. Those activities include: trading, catering, real estate brokering, insurance provides, international transportation of goods or passengers, tourist agency etc.

Then there are also craft business activities. Those require that the carrier has specific professional education in order to provide these services. The business activities are for example: construction, production, cosmetic salon, hair salon, massage services etc. If the entrepreneur plans on providing these activities, he has to obtain a craft license after registering the company.

Register a company in Slovenia with the support of Data

If you have decided to open a company in Slovenia, we can offer you full support.

Data can help you to obtain the Slovenian tax numbers. You can also sing company registration documents at our VEM point free of charge.

Data also has its own legal department which can help you understand what business activities are regulated or unregulated and for which you need specific education. They can also help you obtain the licenses for regulated and craft business activities.

We also provide accountancy services with legal support.

Should your company need a business address, we can provide services of virtual office.

For more information on company registration in Slovenia, EU, you can write to our email [email protected]. You can also contact us over the phone 00386 1 6006 270 or 00386 40 530 718 (Viber, WhatsApp). You can also follow us on Facebook.

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