Regulated business activities in Slovenia, EU

Regulated business activities in Slovenia, EU

Some business activities in Slovenia require abiding by specific regulations in order to conduct them legally. Those business activities are also called regulated business activities.

Regulated business activities in Slovenia, EU – what does it mean?

When doing business in Slovenia, some business activities are considered regulated. It means that they require a certain level of education or type of education in order to conduct them. Sometimes it also means that you need to acquire specific permits or entering in special registries in order to conduct them legally. Also, it can mean that to perform this business activity, the company has to have specific premises or equipment. So, in those cases it is not enough just to open a company and register the appropriate business activity. You would have to check if your chosen business activity is regulated before you start doing business in Europe.

Regulated business activities in Slovenia, EU – who does it apply to?

Performing a regulated business activity can also mean that you have to obtain a specific license, concession or certificates. They can apply to the company itself or also to the performers of the business activities, so the employees themselves.

Some business activities demand that when performing them, they have to be the only business activity registered within the company. Such business activities are law firms or insurance activities. Sometimes the business activity requires a specific business type, like public limited company.

The entrepreneurs cannot perform the regulated business activity before they fulfill all the conditions

The entrepreneur can register the regulated business within the company at any point. But he cannot perform the business activity and invoice clients for it before he does not fulfill all the conditions of the regulated business activity.

Inspections from the tax office can occur in order to check the invoices and also if the company fulfills all the conditions for the activity. Sometimes, also the responsible authorities like ministries, agencies and inspectorates oversee the control about abiding the by regulations.

Regulated business activities in Slovenia, EU – examples

To have a better idea what a regulated business activity means, we will be listing certain examples.

When performing this business activity, the entrepreneur needs a license. He can obtain it at the Slovenian chamber of commers.

  • Real estate brokers

The entrepreneur providing this business activity has to obtain a license for a real estate broker. He can obtain it at the Insurance Supervision Agency.

  • Leasing temporary labor and other supply of human resources

When providing these business activities, you would need to obtain concession from the Ministry of Labor, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunity before you start to perform the business activity.

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