First registration steps of an Ltd in Slovenia

First registration steps of an Ltd in Slovenia

If you an employer an want to migrate your business to Slovenia, this article will explore the first registration steps of an Ltd. Do you know anything about Slovenia? Taxes? Salary? Maybe family reunification? Don’t worry if this is all new to you! We at DATA have team of professionals that can help you with everything! So, let’s see what are the conditions!

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Who can’t open an Ltd?

Usually, before registration, it is good to look at the Companies Act (ZGD-1). For instance, Article 10a of the ZGD-1 sets out restrictions on who cannot set up an Ltd. To make it clear, that is in the case a person is charged for a crime in the economy. That can include violations of contracts and labor rights (safety, security), damage on properties etc. There are also some other restrictions. But don’t worry! Our legal advisors can explain to you everything you want to know! Just call us on +386 40 530 718 (Viber/WhatsApp) and schedule a meeting to explore the first registration steps!

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What does the shareholder(s) need to know?

Moreover, we advise to prepare before Ltd registration. In other words, it is a good idea to consult our business advisors before you begin with the official procedure. Alternatively, you can attend our training courses. We usually make free webinars for people who want to register a company in Slovenia! There are some conditions to meet when you register a company. For example, you need to give a name of the company, choose the main activity etc. There is also a condition of minimum capital of €7500. These are some of the first registration steps. If you want to know more about Ltd, just email as at for individual advice!

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Do you find this helpful? Do you want to register an Ltd at DATA? In essence, these are some of the first registration steps of an Ltd at our point. Firstly, the prospective shareholder(s) and the representative(s) of the company must be present in person during the registration process. Secondly they must prove their identity with a valid identity document. Thirdly, the initial capital of the company will be in cash. You cannot register with fixed assets. In addition, spouses cannot be shareholders in the same company. If you belong to this category, then you need to proceed with a notary, which costs additionally. However, to register an Ltd at DATA is free of charge!

So, are you ready for a business success? Because we are ready to help you anytime! Just contact us and start your process today! Our experts provide quality business, tax, and legal services! We have rich experience of more than 30 years! Our only goal is to make our clients happy! Last but not least, please visit our Facebook and LinkedIn pages if you want to follow more about business in Slovenia!

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